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Title V Air Operating Permits Database
Deadlines for Public Petitions to the Administrator for Permit Objections

A Title V air quality operating permit, issued to an air pollution source, specifies all Clean Air Act obligations such as:

These requirements are normally found in the State's air quality implementation plan (SIP), federal regulations and other permit conditions. This program provides an easier way for the source, States, EPA, and the public to better understand which requirements apply to each air pollution source and to know if the source is in compliance.

Under the Title V program, the public may petition EPA to object to a permit issued by a state agency provided they raised their objections to the state air agency:

If these conditions are met, anyone who raised objections during the public comment period may petition the EPA Administrator within 60 days of EPA's review period ending.

The table below lists proposed Title V permits submitted to EPA and undergoing EPA's 45 day review, including the start and expiration dates for EPA's 45 day review period. It also shows the start and expiration dates for the public's 60 day petition period following EPA's review period.

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State Facility Name FRS No.
(EPA Registry ID)
AFS No. Permit No. EPA 45-day Review Period Start Date EPA 45-day Review Period End Date 60-day Public Petition Period Start Date 60-day Public Petition Period End Date Permit Action
{state} {srcname} {frsno} {airsid} {permitno} {epa45start} {epa45end} {pp60start} {pp60end} {permitaction}

Please note that the above information is derived from the EPA Region 3 Title V database. It is recommended that data for permits of particular interest be confirmed with EPA Region 3. Please contact Andrew Kreider at 215-814-3301, kreider.andrew@epa.gov.



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