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Mid-Atlantic State and Local Air Quality Agencies

Listed below are the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the State and local air quality control agencies in Region III, as well as links to their respective web sites.  Just click on the State or local agency name to go to that agency's web site.  

Delaware  Exit EPA Click for disclaimer

Mr. Ali Mirzakhalili, Division Director
Division of Air Quality
Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control
655 South Bay Road, Suite 5N
Dover, DE 19901
phone: 302-739-9402
fax: 302-739-3106

District of Columbia  Exit EPA Click for disclaimer

Ms. Cecily Beall, Associate Director
Air Quality Division
District Department of the Environment
1200 1st NE, 5th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20002
phone: 202-535-2290
fax: 202-535-1371

Maryland  Exit EPA Click for disclaimer

Mr. George "Tad" Aburn, Director
Air & Radiation Management Administration
Maryland Department of the Environment
Montgomery Park Business Center
1800 Washington Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21230
phone: 410-537-3255
fax: 410-537-3391

Pennsylvania  Exit EPA Click for disclaimer

Ms. Joyce E. Epps, Director
Bureau of Air Quality
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Rachel Carson State Office Building, 12th Floor
400 Market Street
P.O. Box 8468
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8468
phone: 717-787-9702
fax: 717-772-3415

Virginia  Exit EPA Click for disclaimer

Mr. Michael Dowd, Director
Air Division
Division of Air Program Coordination
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
629 East Main Street
P.O. Box 1105
Richmond, VA 23218
phone: 804-698-4284
fax: 804-698-4510

West Virginia   Exit EPA Click for disclaimer 

Mr. John A. Benedict, Director
Division of Air Quality
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
601 57th Street S.E.
Charleston, WV 25304
phone: 304-926-0462
fax: 304-926-0488

Philadelphia  Exit EPA Click for disclaimer

Mr. Thomas Huynh, Director
Philadelphia Air Management Services
Department of Public Health
321 University Ave., 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104
phone: 215-685-7584
fax: 215-685-9451

Allegheny County Exit EPA Click for disclaimer

Ms. Jayme Graham, MARAMA Treasurer
Air Program Manager
Air Quality Program
Allegheny County Health Department
301 39th Street, Building #7
Pittsburgh, PA 15201-1891
phone: 412-578-8103
fax: 412-578-8144

MARAMA Exit EPA Click for disclaimer

Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association
8600 LaSalle Road, Suite 636
Towson, MD 21286
phone: 443-901-1882
fax: 443-901-1886

National Association of Clean Air Agencies  Exit EPA Click for disclaimer

444 North Capitol Street, N.W.
Suite 307
Washington, D.C. 20001
phone: 202-624-7864
fax: 202-624-7863

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