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Vehicles, Engines & Transportation

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Cars and Light Trucks 

Don't Top Off Your Gas Tank!
Vehicle Emissions Testing (Inspection and Maintenance Programs)
On-Board Diagnostic Systems
Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning
Importing Vehicles into the U.S.
Vehicle Warranties and Recalls
Green Vehicle Guide  (Vehicle Emissions Guide)
Vehicle Emissions Modeling Software

Trucks and Buses

Smartway Transport Partnership [Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, 33.4 MB, 43 slides; if you don't have Microsoft PowerPoint, visit Microsoft's web site Exit EPA Click for disclaimer to download their free PowerPoint 97 Viewer software]

The Mid-Atlantic Clean Diesel Program

The Mid-Atlantic Diesel Collaborative

Region 3 Clean School Bus Program



Clean Cities Programs  (DOE and EPA)
Fuel Economy Guide
Information on MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether)
Alternative Fuels

Non-road Engines

Recreational Vehicles
Lawn and Garden Equipment
Aircraft Emissions
Marine Engines

Transportation Planning

Mobile Source Air Toxics


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