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2004 Clean School Bus USA Grant Recipients

Upper Darby School District, Delaware County

In 2004, under EPA's Clean School Bus USA, this school district was granted $485,000 to improve air quality by eliminating harmful toxins from the air. The goals of this project are to reduce the direct, daily exposure to diesel fumes for more than 7,000 students and staff who ride in or drive the buses, and to reduce the fleet's diesel emissions to enable the area to attain both federal and state air quality standards, and to reduce ozone and particulate matter levels by using these technologies. Upper Darby School District, located just west of the Philadelphia city line, is one of the most densely populated and urbanized townships in Pennsylvania. The district services over 12,000 students, making it the largest school system in Delaware County and among the top 10 in the Commonwealth with one high school, 2 middle schools, 8 elementary schools and a Kindergarten Center. With a total of 114 buses, the district's fleet consumes approximately 167,000 gallons of fuel and travels over 1 million miles per year. With the grant assistance, the school district over the past year has been heavily involved in the retrofit process. When complete, fifty one buses are expected to be retrofitted with diesel oxidation catalysts and twenty eight buses are expected to be equipped with diesel particulate filters. The entire school bus fleet has been using ultra low sulfur diesel fuel since June, 2005. Additionally, the district has convened a transportation advisory committee whose purpose is to draft a policy to reduce idling for consideration by the Upper Darby Board of School Directors. This policy was formally voted on and approved in November of 2005. A copy of the policy has been distributed to all members of the transportation staff and drivers have been instructed to reduce idling times. Detailed idling reduction procedures and training will be developed and put into place for future bus driver orientations and trainings.

Contact Information

To find out more information about cleaning up today's school bus fleet, please contact, Michelle Moyer at (215) 814-2098 or moyer.michelle@epa.gov

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