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EPA Region 3 Salutes New 2005 Clean School Bus Grantees

Chester County Intermediate Unit, Chester County

Awarded $175,000, the Chester County Intermediate Unit will partner with the Krapf Bus Company to install diesel particulate filters (DPF) on 33 Ford Diesel mini-buses and run the entire fleet of 38 mini-buses on ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD). The Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) is one of 29 regional educational agencies established by law in Pennsylvania in 1971 to work between the Pennsylvania State Department of Education and local school districts to provide quality, cost-effective services to the citizens of Chester County. The CCIU administers instructional, enrichment, and administrative programs and services to Chester County's 12 public school districts and to over 45 private and parochial schools in the county. Over 85,000 public and non-public school students receive services from the CCIU, and the transportation department is responsible for transporting 350 students over 55 routes on a daily basis. On an annual basis, the number of vehicle miles traveled surpasses 750,236.

Great Valley School District, Chester County

Awarded $200,000, the Great Valley School District (GVSD) will partner with Krapf Bus Company to install diesel particulate filters (DPF) on 33 diesel powered buses and utilize ULSD for the district's entire fleet of 60 buses. The Great Valley School District is located 25 miles west of Philadelphia and has area of 43.3 square miles. The GVSD is also located in a rapidly growing residential and major corporate park area where the vehicle count on the major highways surpasses 70,922 vehicles per day, and at an intersection of 2 two-lane roads within a mile of the middle/high school complex exceeds 27,000 vehicles per day. The transportation department is responsible for transporting 4,800 students to 5 public schools and 20-25 non-public and charter schools. On an annual basis, the number of vehicles miles surpasses 821,969. The average ride time for the students is 40 minutes per day; however, some students ride in excess of an hour due to the size of the district and severe road congestion from the rapid expansion of this Philadelphia suburb.

The partnership between the CCIU, GVSD, and Krapf has been long standing as Krapf Bus Company has been providing transportation services to the CCIU for over 30 years and has a demonstrated strong commitment to reducing diesel emissions throughout Chester County. Krapf and GVSD have prior retrofit experience where in a pilot program funded by Krapf, 4 buses have been retrofitted with DPF's and have been utilizing ULSD for a period of one year. In addition, Krapf also runs 10 diesel powered buses equipped with diesel particulate filters for other Chester County school districts and anticipates the installation of 6 more from previous funding opportunities. Krapf continues to subsidize the fuel cost differential for ULSD in all of its vehicles involved in school bus retrofit projects as well as covering the cost for fuel tank conversions.

Richmond and Hopewell School Districts

Awarded $274,000, The City of Richmond and City of Hopewell will work in partnership with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VADEQ) to retrofit a total of 197 school buses with diesel oxidation catalysts. The Richmond City School Division consists of 243 buses and is projecting to retrofit approximately 170 of them with DOC's. Additionally, the electronic control modules of 67 buses will be reprogrammed. The school division educated about 24,000 children, of which 17,000 ride to and from school everyday. The fleet is owned and operated by Richmond Public Schools. The Hopewell City School Division consists of 31 school buses and is projecting to retrofit 27 buses with diesel oxidation catalysts. Like Richmond, the electronic control modules will be reprogrammed on 26 buses. The school division educates 3,800 children of which 2,950 take transportation. The fleet is owned, operated, and maintained by Hopewell City Public Schools.

The partnership of the City of Hopewell, City of Richmond, and the VA DEQ was forged through a regional partnership called the Virginia Regional Environmental Management System (V-REMS) partnership that brings together federal, state, and local organization to work collaboratively on regional environmental issues. The V-REMS partnership supports the efforts of the school districts Richmond and Hopewell and will assist the school districts in achieving their goal of reducing diesel emissions. Hopewell and Richmond School Divisions are geographically located in the EPA designated Richmond 8-hour ozone non-attainment areas.

Contact Information

To find out more information about cleaning up today's school bus fleet, please contact, Michelle Moyer at (215) 814-2098 or moyer.michelle@epa.gov

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