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Importing Vehicles into the U.S.

Many vehicles manufactured outside the United States do not conform with air pollution control requirements under the Clean Air Act.  Knowledge of the rules can affect your buying or importing decisions for foreign built vehicles.  By knowing the rules, before buying and/or importing a vehicle, you can avoid unnecessary costs and headaches-or even the risk of having your nonconforming vehicle banned from entry into the United States. 

EPA developed regulations to ensure that imported vehicles meet the US emissions standards.  Nonconforming vehicles brought into the United States must be brought into compliance, exported, or destroyed. 

For information regarding importing vehicles into the United States, refer to EPA's Automotive Imports Facts ManualExit EPA Click for disclaimer Help can also be obtained through EPA's Faxback Information System by dialing (202) 564-9660.  For Voice help dial (202) 564-9240.

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