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Other Region-wide Diesel Emission Reduction Projects

Maryland Efforts:

  • Anne Arundel County School District
    $88,000 has been awarded to the County to retrofit school buses, model year 1998 and newer, with Diesel Oxidation Catalysts and to reprogram the electronic control modules (ECM) in buses equipped with International engines, resulting in a significant reduction of NOx emissions.
  • Prince George's County School District
    Over $200,000 has been awarded to the County to retrofit over 100 model year 2000 and newer school buses with "Green Diesel" Technology (DOC + Reflashing).
  • Montgomery County School District
    The County has been awarded $300,000 to retrofit 88 school buses with diesel oxidation catalysts and 37 school buses with International's "Green Diesel" Technology (DOC + Reflashing).

Pennsylvania Efforts:

  • North Penn School District, Montgomery County
    This school district, operating one of the largest bus fleets in PA, has been awarded $158,000 to run buses on ULSD and to install diesel oxidation catalysts on 35 buses.
  • West Chester School District, Chester County
    West Chester Area School District has been awarded $30,000 through the PA Department of Environmental Protection and the Philadelphia Diesel Difference Coalition. The grant money will be used to purchase and install 6 particulate filters on school buses operated by Krapf Bus. The district already uses ULSD in order to reduce emissions from school buses.
  • Wissahickon School District, Montgomery County
    In 2001, EPA Administrator Christie Whitman announced one of the first public/private partnerships to implement a pilot school bus demonstration retrofit project helping to launch EPA's Clean School Bus USA grant funded program. EPA, 3M and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection contributed $250,000 to install retrofit technologies on more than 40 buses. These partners worked together to retrofit 14 buses with DOCs, install DPFs on 20 buses, and early use of ULSD in 75 buses.
  • Lower Merion Schools, Montgomery County
    The Lower Merion School district began purchasing natural gas buses in the mid-1990s. The district currently operates of fleet of 63 natural gas buses, for which they received the National Clean Cities Award.
  • Philadelphia County School District
    The district was awarded $99,000 from the VEPCO settlement to convert the Widener depot to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, which is used to refuel over 100 school buses.
  • Clean Air Council
    The CAC has been awarded $47,000 to institute a statewide school bus anti-idling campaign, as well as various other educational efforts.
  • Allegheny County Health Department
    Effective October 10, 2004, Allegheny County successfully passed new regulations to limit the amount of time school buses may idle, therefore decreasing air pollution inside and outside of school buildings.
  • Penn Hills School District, Allegheny County
    The Allegheny County Health Department provided a grant of $184,000 to the Penn Hills School District for the purpose of retrofitting the District's entire fleet of 75 school buses with DOCs and paying the price differential between the cost of standard diesel fuel and ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD) until June, 2006. All retrofit work has been completed since May, 2005.

Virginia Efforts:

  • City of Virginia Beach and City of Norfolk Public School Districts
    These cities have worked together, along with Hampton Roads Clean Cities Coalition, to purchase 11 CNG school buses (9 CNG Type D buses for Virginia Beach and 2 CNG Type A buses for Norfolk) and upgrade or build a new CNG refuel depot in Virginia Beach.
  • Roanoke County School District
    $275,000 has been awarded from the VA Power SEP fund to the county to retrofit 100 school buses with DOCs.
  • Frederick County School District
    The school district has been awarded $403,750 to retrofit 127 school buses with DOCs.
  • Henrico County School District
    $300,000 has been awarded to retrofit 100 county school buses with DOCs.
  • Winchester City School District
    $71,250 has been awarded to the district which has been used to retrofit 18 school buses with DOCs and reprogrammed the ECM on 6 school buses.
  • Harrisonburg City
    The city has received $300,000 from a Merck SEP to retrofit 25 school buses and 24 transit buses with DOCs.
  • Fairfax County Public School District
    The District has been awarded $1,020,000 to retrofit 345 school buses with DOCs and reprogrammed the ECMs.

West Virginia Efforts:

  • Berkeley County and Jefferson County School Districts
    Using funding provided under the VEPCO Consent decree, these counties have worked together to retrofit over 100 school buses with DOCs. Additional projects under the VEPCO funds include use of B10 biodiesel (in Jefferson Co.), additional retrofits, and educational and outreach projects.

Contact Information

To find out more information about cleaning up today's school bus fleet, please contact, Michelle Moyer at (215) 814-2098 or moyer.michelle@epa.gov

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