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Office of Analytical Services & Quality Assurance
Environmental Science Center
Fort Meade, Maryland

The Office of Analytical Services and Quality Assurance (OASQA), located at the Environmental Science Center (ESC) at Fort Meade, Maryland, ensures that good science is being used to make appropriate environmental decisions. OASQA's customers include the EPA Regional and Headquarters programs, other federal agencies, and state and local laboratories and environmental agencies.

The OASQA Laboratory performs a wide array of chemical and biological analyses on environmental samples, employing state-ofthe- art instrumentation and rigorous quality assurance processes. The analytical data generated supports environmental enforcement actions and hazardous waste site clean up activities.

Environmental samples include many different materials, including drinking water, waste water, air, soil and waste drum samples. The Laboratory is accredited under the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP).

OASQA also provides Quality Assurance (QA) program support. The QA staff assists their customers in planning site remediation projects by reviewing QArelated documents and recommending and evaluating options for measuring the level and extent of contaminants at a site. They review laboratory data to determine how the data can be used to support clean up decisions at the site.


Improving the environment by being champions of applied and innovative science.


Trusted environmental advocates of good science, fostering partnerships with our customers, providing and assuring the most appropriate quality of data for environmental decision making.


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OASQA manages the acquisition and oversight of laboratory analytical services for Regional program offices. It helps determine the number and type of samples to be analyzed and costs associated with the proposed analyses; identify and contract with qualified laboratories; and review and assess environmental data packages.

OASQA certifies Primary State Laboratories for Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) chemistry and microbiological methods and oversees state SDWA laboratory certification programs. It also provides assessment and oversight of State Accrediting Bodies under the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP).

OASQA provides training and technical assistance to state agencies and Regional program personnel regarding choosing appropriate laboratory methods, selecting method detection limits to meet project objectives, interpreting data results, defining project-specific sampling and analysis requirements, and providing expert witness testimony.

Office of Analytical Services & Quality Assurance
USEPA Region 3
Environmental Science Center
701 Mapes Road
Fort Meade, MD 20755-5350


Cynthia Caporale (caporale.cynthia@epa.gov)
Associate Director(3EA20)
410-305-2732 (voice)
410-305-3095 (fax)

Karen Costa (costa.karen@epa.gov)
Chief Laboratory Branch (3EA21)
410-305-2689 (voice)
410-305-3095 (fax)

Fred Foreman (foreman.fred@epa.gov)
Chief Technical Services Branch (3EA22)
410-305-2629 (voice)
410-305-3095 (fax)

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