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Office of Environmental Innovation

Mid-Atlantic Env'l Assessment & Innovation Division - Organizational Information


The mid-Atlantic Office of Environmental Innovation promotes the development and implementation of new and creative solutions to environmental problems that traditional regulatory programs have been unable to address. The Office helps to generate, manage, and mainstream innovative changes; identifies and explores emerging environmental issues; evaluates promising new approaches to environmental protection; and promotes the concept of a "Learning Organization" where a successful organization must continually adapt and learn in order to respond to changes in the environment.

The Mid-Atlantic Office of Environmental Innovation staffs' main responsibilities are to serve as:

  1. brokers - engaging others to act on decisions and innovative approaches
  2. coaches - to support managers and program staff on matters related to adoption and implementation of innovative approaches
  3. coordinators - to track, monitor, report, and communicate on regional and national innovation work, and facilitate linkages between programs and Divisions
  4. implementers - to incorporate project management responsibility into personal work plans and performance agreements, and conducting project management planning and oversight activities

The Office continues to lead programs in Children's Environmental Health, Green Buildings, Environmental Management Systems, Sustainable Healthcare, and the Business Assistance Center.

Our entire Office plays an integral part in addressing each of the environmental priorities of the Mid-Atlantic Region, ensuring that we bring to bear our unique skills and perspectives towards improving environmental conditions in the Region.

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Programs and Contacts

Renee Searfoss (searfoss.renee@epa.gov)
Associate Director (Actiing)
Office of Environmental Innovation (3EA40)
Environmental Assessment and Innovation Division
EPA Region 3
1650 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Staff By Program:

Administrative Assistant
Kim Jefferson

Business Assistance Center
David Byro

Children's Environmental Health
Prentiss Ward

Clean Energy
Michael Dunn (dunn.michael@epa.gov)

Mid-Atlantic Scientific Dive Unit
Steven Donohue

Environmental Audits for Businesses
Maryann Helferty

Environmental Management Systems
Steve Donohue

Anita Provenzano

Green Buildings
Lorna Rosenberg

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