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Healthy Schools for Children

National Information

Almost 5 million children spend a significant portion of their days in more than 12,000 public and private schools in the mid-Atlantic region. Many of these buildings are old and in poor condition and may have environmental conditions that inhibit learning and pose increased risks to those inside. Our office currently has the following activities related to schools:

Schools Chemical Cleanout Campaign (SC3)

Schools Chemical Cleanout Campaign

What and Why:

Created to build a network of:


The Schools Chemical Cleanout Campaign program aims to ensure that all schools are free from hazards associated with mismanaged chemicals by providing K-12 schools information and tools to responsibly manage chemicals.

Demonstration Project:

EPA's mid-Atlantic Region and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection are working on a chemical cleanout project to address the procedures that schools should follow when disposing of hazardous materials. The demonstration project, which is in progress, is gathering lessons learned and developing standard operating procedures for:

The information will then be distributed to schools throughout Pennsylvania.

For More Information:

Sharon D. Pérez-Suárez (perez-suarez.sharon@epa.gov)
Land and Chemicals Division
US EPA Region 3 (3LC40)
1650 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029
Mobile = 215-266-2032

or EPA's National Website

Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools (TfS)

Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools

There are more than 900 schools in the mid-Atlantic region participating in EPA's Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools program. The schools voluntarily adopt sound indoor air quality management techniques. An Action Kit shows them how.

For More Information:

Cristina Schulingkamp (schulingkamp.cristina@epa.gov)
Air Protection Division (3AP50)
US EPA Region 3
1650 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029

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