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Research Vessel Lear

Research Vessel Lear at docked on a sunny day

The Research Vessel Lear

Other EPA Ships Used in the Mid-Atlantic Region

The Research Vessel Lear is a 35 foot Bertram with twin 320 diesel engines. It can carry four to six scientists and has sleeping facilities. The Lear was purchased new by EPA to study water quality in the Chesapeake Bay. The Lear is owned and maintained by EPA Region 3 (unlike the larger OSV Bold which is owned by EPA Headquarters and is used by several EPA Regional offices). The ship is named in honor of Donald W. Lear, a prominent oceanographer with EPA Region 3's Annapolis, Maryland office in the 1970's and 1980's.

In the 1990's, the Lear's facilities were expanded to allow studies of coastal waters as well as estuaries. In addition to surface water sampling, the boat is used for benthic (bottom) sampling, fish studies, and diving expeditions. The Lear is used along the coast from the southern tip of New Jersey south to Virginia. The Lear also participates in the cleanup of debris.

During the last few years, the Lear has been used in the following ways:

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