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Coastal Science Team
Office of Monitoring & Assessment
Environmental Assessment & Innovation Division
EPA Region 3, Philadelphia, Pa.

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Delaware Estuary Benthic Community Characterization: An Example of a Coastal Science Team Partnership

The Coastal Science Team supports the Partnership for a Delaware Estuary, which received funding through a RARE Cooperative Agreement from EPA Regions 2 and 3. Approximately 200 benthic grab samples were collected throughout the estuary from July through September, 2008. The Coastal Science Team provided the resources (boats, sampling equipment, and dive team) and expertise as part of this collaboration. These data will be added to the sediment characterization data that the State of Delaware continues to collect. The data will be displayed in a usable GIS format and will provide the ability to track the health of the estuary, identify biologically sensitive areas, and better understand the Delaware Estuary as a whole.


Sherilyn Morgan Lau (morgan.sherilyn@epa.gov)
Team Leader



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