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Notable Mid-Atlantic Wetland Site - Canaan Valley, West Virginia

Canaan Valley in West Virginia is a 14-mile by 3-mile area that contains an expansive and unique wetland complex at the headwaters of the Blackwater River. The valley's freshwater wetlands form the largest wetland area of their type in West Virginia and in the southern and central Appalachian region. Canaan Valley wetlands include bogs, marshes, and swamp forests. The area hosts more than 580 plant species, 290 vertebrate species, and threatened and endangered species such as the Cheat Mountain salamander Exit EPA Disclaimer and the West Virginia northern flying squirrel Exit EPA Disclaimer. Many of the plant an animal species in Canaan Valley are atypical for the area and are usually found in more northerly regions. About 60% of Canaan Valley is protected as part of the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

Additional Information:

Canaan Valley Refuge. Credit: Fish & Wildlife Service

Canaan Valley Mountain Shrub Swamp. Credit: Virginia Dept. of Env'l Quality

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