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Mid-Atlantic Wetland Program Development Grants

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FY 2014-2015 Request for Proposals - Closed


Regional Priority Area

In addition to the National priorities, Region III will be awarding points (up to 10) for proposals that include research, investigations, experiments, trainings, demonstrations, surveys and studies that address our Regional priorities to ensure that climate change, sustainable practices, partnerships and the advancement of the protection and restoration of aquatic headwater resources are incorporated into wetland and aquatic resource management planning. The Region also encourages collaboration with existing plans and/or strategies and goals that have been established by Federal, state and local partnerships to advance the protection and restoration of wetland and aquatic resources in Region III watersheds. Proposals should consider:

  1. The identification of assessment and protection strategies for wetlands and associated aquatic resource complexes of high ecological value.
  2. The identification of assessment and protection strategies for wetlands which play a role in making areas affected by climate change more resilient.
  3. The development of sustainable finance practices that maintain strong and comprehensive wetland resource management programs.
  4. The development of ecologically sustainable practices to ensure the long term viability of wetlands and other aquatic resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a Private University Apply for the funding?
  2. There are Regional Priorities in the RFP. How significant are the Regional Priorities in developing projects?
  3. What if the regional priority is not part of our state’s Wetland Program Plan?
  4. Why will there only be one RFP for a two year cycle?

Other Funding Opportunities

We also look for additional opportunities and funding mechanisms to achieve our goals, such as:


Danielle Algazi (algazi.danielle@epa.gov)
Wetland Program Development Grants
Environmental Assessment & Innovation Division (3EA00)
US EPA Region 3
1650 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19103

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