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Department of Commerce —National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Program Description


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) within the Department of Commerce (DoC) works to balance environmental and economic needs and benefits at waterfront locations. With its coastal focus and experience in solving critical environmental challenges, NOAA balances environmental and economic needs by: rebuilding community waterfronts and redeveloping brownfields through its strong partnerships with coastal states’ coastal zone management programs; revitalizing port areas through the use of advanced marine transportation tools and services; and helping to improve the quality of life, environment and regional economy by working with local communities and other agencies on coastal brownfields.

NOAA does not offer resources through a consolidated brownfields program, nor are brownfields managed by one particular office. Rather, existing agency programs provide resources and technical assistance to coastal communities for brownfields cleanup and reuse.

Brownfields Connections


Technical Assistance

Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R)

This office protects and restores contaminated coastal resources and habitats (including brownfields) by assessing and evaluating risks and then implementing cost-effective environmental cleanup and restoration solutions.


Website: http://response.restoration.noaa.gov/index.html

Office of Ocean & Coastal Resource Management (OCRM)

OCRM implements NOAA’s Coastal Zone Management program partnerships with coastal states, which helps revitalize community waterfronts and direct resources useful to helping redevelop brownfields.

Eligibility Requirements: Financial and technical assistance are provided to states.

Limitations: Funding is typically not sufficient for site redevelopment but serves as seed money for projects such as feasibility studies, site assessments and master plan development.

Office of Ocean & Coastal Resource Management: http://coastalmanagement.noaa.gov/

NOAA’s Coastal Services Center (CSC)

CSC helps develop the expertise of coastal resource professionals by giving them the tools to engage communities in land and water issues, including the redevelopment of brownfields. Through CSC-led workshops, planners and managers build valuable skills to help local governments collaborate with the public and manage conflict.

Eligibility Requirements : Assistance is provided to state and local coastal resource managers and federal, non-governmental and nonprofit organizations


Website: http://www.csc.noaa.gov

Glen Cove, New York

Glen Cove is a small city located on the north shore of Long Island. Parks, public beaches, nature preserves and private homes span eight miles of the city’s shoreline. The historically industrialized Glen Cove Creek waterfront was contaminated. In addition the waterway had not been dredged in 30 years and suffered from crumbling bulkheads, and non-point source pollution. NOAA’s Office of Coastal Resource Management (OCRM) assisted in implementing the Plan by supporting “Commitment to Action” meetings that brought together federal, state and local partners. The workshops provided a roadmap for redevelopment; identified technical expertise and funders. NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration (ORR) worked with the city to identify cleanup actions and habitat restoration.


The interagency “Portfields” initiative focuses on the redevelopment and reuse of idled or abandoned lands in and around ports, harbors and marine transportation hubs. NOAA is leading the interagency Portfields effort, which includes providing focused assistance to three Portfields pilots in New Bedford, Massachusetts; Tampa, Florida; and Bellingham, Washington.

Eligibility Requirements : Three pilot ports have been selected and activities are underway.

Limitations: There are no plans for additional pilot ports.

Availability: Funding and technical assistance under Portfields will not be available to other ports. Instead, the Portfields partners will actively transfer best practices and lessons learned to other port communities.


Website: http://coastalmanagement.noaa.gov/portfields.html

Additional Information

Kenneth Walker
U.S. Department of Commerce
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Office of Ocean & Coastal Resource Management
1305 East West Highway, Rm. 10166
Silver Spring, MD 20912
301-713-3113 x 157

David Holst
NOAA/Office of Response & Restoration
1305 East West Hwy, Room 10124
Silver Spring MD 20910
301-713-2989 x161

Main Website: http://www.noaa.gov


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