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Land Revitalization Fall '07 Newsletter – UGI Columbia -- Success from the Start

Borough parking lot September 2007

Borough parking lot September 2007

At the UGI Columbia Gas Plant removal site in Columbia, Pa., revitalization was incorporated from the start of the site's cleanup. The borough had designated the area around the site as a "conservation district" to minimize development near the Susquehanna River. EPA and the potentially responsible parties worked with the local government to continue this zoning classification - restriction of development. Under this zoning, residential and groundwater well development are not allowed.

Right from the onset, the Borough expressed an interest in reusing the property for the borough's park and vehicle maintenance garage and for the storage of road salt. The site's soil and groundwater were contaminated with a laundry list of chemicals, including PAHs, metals, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene and coal tar.

Area to be capped March 2007

Area to be capped 2007

EPA's removal, which began in November 2006 and ended in August 2007, included excavating and disposing of contaminated soil, installing concrete and asphalt caps and installing four bedrock monitoring wells.

EPA's protective caps prohibit residential use of the site, however, commercial or industrial use is permitted, as long as the caps are not disturbed, and institutional controls are planned to be put in place to limit future use of the site.

The institutional controls included deed notices, easement and restrictive covenants to prohibit current and future site property owners from using the site for residential use, or in any manner that would interfere with the protectiveness of the site's remedies.

The site is now construction complete, and in the process of being transferred from the owner, PPL Electric, to the borough. The borough has plans to use it as a parking lot for maintenance vehicles and salt storage.

Article contributed by David Turner, EPA Remedial Project Manager

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