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Land Revitalization Summer '07 Newsletter – D.C.'s Voluntary Cleanup ProgramTransforms Defunct Land into Fine Living/Retail Space

Two properties recently addressed under Washington, D.C.'s Voluntary Cleanup Program now boast attractive living, retail, commercial and parking space.

Fort Totten Project

new apartment building

Old Metro property now new apartment
building in Northeast

The long-awaited Fort Totten Project was carried out on 9.5 acres of land formerly owned by the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority at the intersection of 3rd and Hamilton Streets in the District's Northeast quadrant. The redevelopment is part of a 20-year transit-oriented development plan.

Clark Realty Capital bought the property, and carried out a voluntary cleanup between June 2005 and July 2006. Once the cleanup was certified, the project went forward with a multi-story apartment complex, including five buildings with a total of 370 units, 5,000 square feet of retail space and 560 parking spots. The site has a desirable residential location, being close to Riggs Park and Northeast Metro station.

Clark's Voluntary Cleanup addressed contamination caused by the dumping of construction debris during the Metro construction. The soil contained VOCs, PAHs, metals and arsenics. Since the contamination was limited to the top layer of soil, the cleanup was fairly straightforward, -- excavating and removing the top layer of soil and capping the area with clean soil.

The Jefferson

New condos

New condos at 13th and M
have prime Northwest location

A new condominium building at the corner of 13th and M Streets, in the Northwest quadrant of the District looks like the crown jewel of the neighborhood. The redevelopment of this .8-acre parcel is a valuable addition to this highly developed residential and commercial district.

Prior to its redevelopment, this piece of land was home to a rotating cast of characters, including a supermarket, gas station, apartment, print shop, food take-out business, liquor store and dry cleaner. The site was chosen for redevelopment because of its prime location.

The developer, Jefferson at Logan Circle L.P. entered the Voluntary Cleanup Program in November 2002. The former gas station and dry cleaners were suspected sources of contamination. As such, the primary contaminants of concern were petroleum products and solvents, both in the soil and groundwater.

The cleanup, which was completed in January 2005, consisted of a mass excavation and off-site removal of soil, down to a depth of 33 feet. In addition, the groundwater during construction was pumped to a 20,000-gallon tank for sediment settling, separation and carbon adsorption, to remove contaminants for eventual discharge.

Article contributed by James McCreary
Toxic Substances Division
D.C. Department of the Environment

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