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E. I. DuPont

Christina River Dredging: An EPA- Required Project

April 1999 to June 1999

FOR YOUR SAFETY: Please keep from boating in this area.

Map showing locations of dredge areas.

Christina River dredging will happen one mile above the Rt. 141 Bridge to a half-mile below the Rt. 141 Bridge.

Three sections of riverbank near Newport, Delaware will be dredged. During dredge operations, please be aware of the tugboats, scows and other construction equipment on the River. This work is part of the cleanup for the DuPont-Newport Superfund Site. The areas to be dredged will be isolated by barriers (sheet pile). At times, over one-half of the river's width will be blocked.

For More Information, Please Contact:

Lisa Brown
EPA Community Involvement Coordinator

Randy Sturgeon
EPA Project Manager

Chief Robert Ward
U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office

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