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East 7th Street Drum

EPA Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic)


EPA ID# DESFN0305397

1st Congressional District

Last Update: May 2000
EPA will provide future updates on an as-needed basis.

Other Names

Wilmington Drum Site

Current Site Status

In September 1998, EPA responded to a request from DNREC to remove hazardous substances associated with drums and bulk containers located on site. This included contaminated soil with a few feet of the surface. EPA found that the subsurface contains household waste and debris which has elevated levels of lead and semi-volatile compounds and seemed to placed on site during the late 1960s. This area has been disturbed by EPA’s action to remove the drums and contaminated soil. All bulk containers associated with hazardous substances have been removed from the site. The OSC believes that all of the contaminated soil associated with the drums and bulk containers has also been removed. ATSDR, DNREC, and the City of Wilmington have agreed to covering the drum and tank removal areas with a barrier, soil, and vegetation to preclude any further direct health threat. EPA, ATSDR, and DNREC will continue to check on the cover through Summer 2000 to ensure its integrity. EPA will then turn the site back to the DNREC, City of Wilminton, and the property owner to determine its future use.

Site Description

The site is located in the City of Wilmington, Delaware on the 7th Street Peninsula. The site is an inactive municipal waste landfill, which reportedly operated from approximately 1940 through the 1960s. The site has become a wooded area, bordered by the Brandywine Creek and the Christina River in an area generally used by industrial/commercial businesses.
Site Responsibility
This site has been addressed through a CERCLA-funded Removal action.
NPL Listing History
Not an NPL Site, being evaluated for Prospective Purchaser.

Threats and Contaminants

In 1998, drums were discovered on site that led DNREC to request assistance from EPA. Contaminants included the following:

Contaminant descriptions and risk factors are available from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, an arm of the CDC.


Cleanup Progress

During 1999, EPA’s Removal Program secured the site with fencing, lighting, signs, and other appropriate security measures found necessary to prevent the potential of direct exposure of the public to the hazardous substances present. EPA removed all of the bulk containers and surficial hot spots of contaminated soils associated with hazardous substances. These areas were recovered with a barrier, clean fill soil, and revegetated with grass to preclude the possibility of any further direct contact health threats. The deeper contents of this former municiple landfill remain. This course of action was taken after concurrence from ATSDR, DNREC, and the City of Wilmington.


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