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Galaxy/Spectron Inc

Public Notice: May 2000

Galaxy Spectron Superfund Site Little Elk Creek Swimming Advisory

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is advising residents that swimming in the portion of Little Elk Creek between the Providence Road Bridge and the lower dam may be unhealthful.

As you may be aware, water collected underneath the liner in the creek has been discharging just beyond the end of the lined area about 150 feet above the lower dam. This has been necessary since the ground water treatment plant was not constructed at the same time that the creek was lined. Our goal is to close this discharge as the ground water treatment plant is phased into operation. However, the start-up of the treatment plant has not gone as smoothly as anticipated. An issue that we are continuing to work on is capacity.

Recent sampling results indicate that the water in this portion of the creek contains elevated levels of site-related contaminants at the location of the ground water discharge pipe. EPA is concerned that swimmers who enter the stream in the area between the bridge and the lower dam may be exposed to higher levels of contaminants because the contaminants may not mix thoroughly with the creek water and be diluted to levels which we know are safe. Therefore, while the levels detected should not pose a serious health risk from short-term exposure, EPA believes that residents should avoid recreational use of this area as a health precaution while we continue to investigate this issue.

EPA and the PRP Group are currently conducting tests of the onsite ground water treatment system. When the treatment system is fully operational, collected water will be treated prior to being released and the advisory against swimming in the area from the Providence Road bridge downstream to the dam will be lifted. Swimming advisory notices will be posted in the area until then.

For additional information, contact:

Remedial Project Manager
Randy Sturgeon

Community Involvement Coordinator
Carrie Deitzel

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