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Heisman Field

EPA Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic)

Crawford County

EPA ID# PA0002377828

21st Congressional District

Last Update: November 2004
No future updates

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Current Site Status

All cleanup work at this site has been completed, and EPA has closed out the site.

Site Description

The Heisman Field site consists of several parcels owned by the Titusville Area School District at and near the intersection of Water Street and Brown Avenue in Titusville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. The site includes an area on the south side of Water Street where a new middle school is currently under construction, an area along Spring Street currently occupied by a football practice field, and an area adjacent to the practice field which was a former Scrap Yard. The Scrap Yard area is the area of contamination addressed by the Administrative Order by Consent.

Site Responsibility
This site is being addressed by a Potentially Responsible Party under an EPA Superfund Removal Order.
NPL Listing History
This Site is not on the National Priorities List.

Threats and Contaminants

In 1993, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources (now the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection ["PADEP"]) noted the presence of petroleum in subsurface soils at the nearby Brown Street Bridge. Elevated concentrations of lead were also found in ground water at the site.

In February 1998, EPA conducted a removal assessment at the site consisting of a geophysical survey, surface soil and sub-surface sampling, and analysis. Lead contamination was identified above EPA Removal Action Levels in surface soils in five of six samples collected from the Scrap Yard area. The concentrations of lead ranged from 304 to 2150 parts per million (ppm).

EPA requested the Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to assist in the evaluation of the analytical data to determine if a threat to human health was posed by potential hazardous substances at the Site. In May 1998, ATSDR concluded that lead concentrations in the Scrap Yard area could present a health concern if children frequently played in the area and that covering or otherwise mitigating potential exposure to this contamination was warranted. ATSDR also recommended: 1) additional sampling of the site soil used for landscaping around the middle school and, 2) conducting soil gas sampling beneath the middle school building or implementation of engineering controls e.g., vapor barrier and/or venting system to provide an additional measure of safety to ensure that no health threats are posed by low-level contaminants at the school location.

Cleanup Progress

Oil and acid works were located at the site beginning in the late 1800s. Petroleum operations continued at the site through the late 1950s. Following cessation of refinery operations, the portion of the site where the new middle school is under construction became an open field used by residents for recreation. The other area came to be used as a scrap yard and athletic field.

In December 1997, EPA received several requests from concerned citizens to assess possible adverse health effects resulting from the construction and operation of a school at this location.

Based on the elevated levels of lead in the former scrap yard area of the Heisman Field site and the health threats associated within this area of the site, EPA negotiated a Consent Order with the Titusville Area School District to mitigate the threats posed by that contamination. In response to the Administrative Order by Consent, an asphalt cap was been placed over the old Scrap Yard area which will become the parking area for the middle school. The adjacent practice field has been backfilled, graded and seeded. All work will be completed on the placement of the stormwater drainage structures.


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