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Tacony Warehouse

EPA Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic)

Philadelphia County

EPA ID# PA0210000931

3rd Congressional District

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Current Site Status

The Army has an extraction system at the former Tacony Warehouse for a small area in shallow ground water contaminated with tetrachloroethene (‘PCE’). Extracted ground water discharges without treatment by permit into the city of Philadelphia sanitary sewer. In January 2000, the Army excavated soil ‘hot spots’ to reduce PCE levels and shorten the time that ground water extraction might be required. The Army is also studying the effectiveness of the extraction system and how long to continue pumping, as well as considering alternate cleanup levels for the ground water or other approaches, including the monitoring of the natural attenuation of PCE in the ground water.

The Army prepared a Finding of Suitability to Transfer (‘FOST’) for a small portion of the property, after seeking comments from the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (‘PEC’), Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (‘PADEP’) and EPA (‘Region III’). The Army is drafting a second FOST for the larger portion of the property. However, there is no identified reuse, despite continued efforts by PEC and interest by the community in any proposed reuses. Philadelphia has indicated that it has no use for the site, and the Army has initiated the public sale process. The Army did prepare an environmental baseline survey (‘EBS’) to document environmental conditions. The FOSTs and the EBS will provide information to potential transferees regarding environmental issues that were identified, and the actions that were taken. The Army first hosted tours of the site for Region III and the PADEP in November 1997 and January 2000, and the Army met with PEC, PADEP and Region III in October 2000 to provide an update on site status.

The EPA has no current and plans no future involvement with this site.

Site Description

The former Tacony Warehouse is situated adjacent to Interstate 95, several railroad lines and the Delaware River. The site was used for general storage and is no longer active. The site is a 1988 Base Closure (‘BRAC’) site under the administrative responsibility of the U.S. Army at Fort Dix in New Jersey, and the Headquarters, Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) in Atlanta, Georgia. PADEP oversees clean up efforts at the site, which are coordinated by the Army Corps of Engineers in Baltimore.

Site Responsibility
This site is being addressed by federal actions, a Base Closure 1988 site.
NPL Listing History
The site is not listed on the NPL.

Threats and Contaminants

Originally, site contaminants related to petroleum products, polychlorinated biphenyls (‘PCBs’), and chlorinated solvents, primarily tetrachloroethene (‘PCE’). The environmental concerns were cleaned up or are being cleaned up by the Army. The site still has TCE ground water contamination.

Cleanup Progress

The Army actively studied this site for clean up beginning in 1989. Oversight of Army cleanup activities continues by PADEP. The Army continues to document all of its actions being taken.


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