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USA Support Oakdale

EPA Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic)


EPA ID# PA5210022344

12th and 14th Congressional District

Last Update: January 2008

Other Names

formerly: C.E. Kelly Support Facility

Current Site Status

The clean-up team has taken samples of soil, groundwater, and surface water. The results of the sampling show no adverse impact to the environment.

Site Description

The U.S.A. Support Oakdale Facility, located in Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties, Pennsylvania, is owned by the U.S. Army, and was selected for closure under the BRAC 95 Commission. The installation encompasses six non-contiguous areas encompassing 188 acres. The BRAC property includes the GATR/SAGE control site (approximately 6 acres) and the Irwin Annex Launch Site (approximately 18 acres). They were acquired by the U.S. government in 1957 for constructing and operating a control, main post, and support garrison to support the Nike missile launch defense system. Hazardous materials management at the GATR/SAGE facility included the use of generic solvents, paints, adhesives and fuels for light vehicle maintenance. Operations at the Irwin launch facility would have involved chemicals and fuels used for missile operations including solvents, paints, cleaners, and fuel for emergency generators. Two underground storage tanks have been identified and are reported to have contained fuel oil.
Site Responsibility
This site is being addressed though the Department of Defense's BRAC Environmental Restoration Program.
NPL Listing History
The site has not been proposed for the NPL.

Threats and Contaminants

The GATR/SAGE site was used as a radar facility and a communications center. Containerized hazardous materials may have been stored there, and herbicides may have been used for vegetation control. Site-specific information for the Irwin Launch site is limited. Activities at other Nike launch sites have included battery acid disposal or neutralization, hydraulic fluid spillage, weed control, and disposal/spillage of fuels and solvents.

Cleanup Progress

A BRAC Clean-up team had been formed to direct environmental investigations at the facility. A series of soil, groundwater, and surface water samples were taken and analyzed. The sampling results indicate that site operations had no adverse impact on the environment.


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