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Bally Groundwater Contamination


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EPA ID: PAD061105128

Route 100 20 N 3rd St
Bally, PA 19503
Berks County

Congressional District: 6th

Other Names: None

Last Updated: January 2015

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Remedial Project Manager
Mitch Cron

Community Involvement Coordinator
Carrie Deitzel

Governmental Liaison
Kinshasa Brown-Perry

Bulletin Board


The EPA is dedicated to providing you with timely and accurate information about our work at this site. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
Carrie Deitzel 215-814-5525, 1-800-553-2509

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Site Status

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Cleanup History

NPL Listing History

Status: Final Added: 1987

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Contaminants and Risks

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Documents and Reports

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Photos, Maps and Diagrams

Workers installing new water line along Wheeler lane.
Workers installing Brick work on the well house. Water pump that was installed into Well #4 Completed well house Wheel
Installation of the new water line along Wheeler Lane. Crew installing the block work on the well house. Water pump was installed into Well #4 View of completed well house for Well #4

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Community Information

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Reuse Information

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