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EPA Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic)

Lawrence County

EPA ID# PAD080719446

4th Congressional District

Last Update: November 2004
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Current Site Status

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reviewed and approved the Certification of Completion Report for the Metcoa Radiation Site. This means that the parties who cleaned up the site have demonstrated to the satisfaction of EPA that the cleanup response actions specified in the Consent Order have been performed, and the Performance Standards have been achieved. Therefore, EPA has closed out the site and does not plan any future involvement with it.

Site Description

The Metcoa Radiation Site is located in Pulaski, Lawrence County, Pa. The site is the location of a former metal recycling/reclaiming operation and encompasses approximately 22.5 acres, of which approximately 6 acres are enclosed by a chain link fence and contain a single building. The area surrounding the site is rural and agricultural in nature. The site is bounded to the south and west by Buchanan Run, a tributary to the Shenango River. The site is bounded to the north by property which had operated as a public flea market until purchased recently.
Site Responsibility
This site is being addressed by Potentially Responsible Parties under an EPA Superfund Removal Order.
NPL Listing History
This site is not on the National Priorities List.

Threats and Contaminants

Based upon soil sampling and radioactive surveying done subsequent to 1983, EPA has determined that the primary contaminants of concern present in the soil at the site were nickel, cadmium and radioactive thorium. A risk based analysis of the contaminants found in the soil at the site had determined that the levels of nickel, cadmium and thorium at the site presented a threat to human health.

Cleanup Progress

EPA conducted stabilization work at the site from approximately March 10, 1987 to April 20, 1987. Approximately 2,500 drums containing hazardous substances and/or radioactive waste were collected from within and outside of the chain link fence surrounding the site. In addition, 800 cubic yards of soil contaminated with hazardous substances and 500 cubic yards of radioactive waste were covered and staged on site. Removal Action funding was approved on or about July 2, 1990 to address these threats to public health and the environment posed by these wastes.

Since 1992, EPA Region III has issued two Unilateral Administrative Orders to two distinct groups of respondents. Among other items, these previous orders sought the disposal of the remaining drums in the building, excavation and disposal of contaminants in the soil, and removal and disposal of contaminated dusts located within the building interior. Respondents to these previous orders refused to comply with such orders.


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