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Elizabethtown Landfill

September 1995

Impact of Proposed Budget Cuts on Clean-up activity

The purpose of this fact sheet is to update concerned citizens about the impact on the Elizabethtown Landfill Site of a bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. This bill will cut 34 percent of EPA's 1996 budget and drastically impact the clean-up work at the site.

Who is Affected?

The Elizabethtown Landfill Site is located at 349 West Ridge Road in West Donegal Township, Lancaster County. The site is about one mile southwest of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. Citizens living or working near this area will be potentially affected by the proposed suspension of clean-up work at the site.

What Natural Resources are Affected?

Ground water and surface water quality will be affected. Landfill operations have contaminated the ground water at the site and the water in Conoy Creek.

What will Happen to the Site?

EPA is accepting public comments through September 26, 1995, on its plan to clean up the ground water and surface water at the site. However, if the House bill takes effect as written, EPA will not be able to finalize its plans to clean up the site and will not be able to begin the clean up. EPA is unable to judge when work at the site might start. Planned work for the site that is now in jeopardy includes the following:

What Hazardous Wastes will Remain On-site?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, chlorobenzene, and 1,1,-dichloroethene are the primary contaminants in the ground water at the site. VOCs are chemicals which easily evaporate into the air. Heavy metals such as arsenic, barium, magnesium, and manganese also contaminate the ground water at the site. If the House bill takes effect as written, EPA will not be able to begin work to remove the contamination from the site.

What if There's an Emergency Release at the Site?

If there is an uncontrolled release of hazardous wastes from the site due to fire, vandalism, flood, etc., local authorities will respond first, followed by state hazardous waste personnel. If these authorities request EPA assistance, regional managers will decide whether people and equipment are available to respond.

For More Information

Contact the following representatives for information about the Elizabethtown Landfill Site:

Community Involvement Coordinator
Bill Hudson

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