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York County Solid Waste and Refuse Authority

EPA Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic)

York County
Hopewell Township

EPA ID# PAD980830715

19th Congressional District

Last Update: January 2015

Other Names

York County Refuse Authority

Current Site Status

Site Description

The York County Solid Waste Authority Landfill Site (Site), which was deleted from the National Priorities List in 2005, is part of the 300-plus acre York County Sanitary Landfill (YCSL) property, and consists of a 135-acre inactive municipal landfill containing three unlined cells.  Groundwater beneath the Site is contaminated with various volatile organic compounds.  Adjacent to the Site is a separate 40 acre portion of the landfill, comprised of three lined cells, that is not part of the Superfund Site.

The remedy at the Site originally consisted of eight elements, four of which related to the continued performance of actions already being undertaken by the York County Solid Waste and Refuse Authority pursuant to an agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources (State Agreement).  Those actions included operation of a groundwater recovery and treatment system that included a network of extraction and monitoring wells; installation of a soil and vegetative cover over the former landfill; installation and maintenance of residential point-of-entry filtration devices; and providing bottled water to residents.  The remaining four elements of the federally-selected remedy pertained to monitoring the downgradient surface water and wetland bodies, and implementing institutional controls.  

The York County Solid Waste and Refuse Authority (YCSWRA) continues to implement all components of the actions specified in the State Agreement, and has complied with the federally-selected remedy.  Hydraulic control has been maintained at the Site thru the continued operation of the groundwater recovery and treatment system, which has resulted in containing the plume of volatile organic compound (VOC) contaminated groundwater to the landfill property itself.  No residents are being exposed to contaminated groundwater.

The remedy at the Site is protective of human health and the environment.  The groundwater collection and treatment system is functioning properly by providing hydraulic containment of contaminated groundwater at the Site, thereby preventing Site-related contaminants from migrating off-Site to residential water supply wells, and reducing the levels of contaminants in the groundwater; the vegetated soil cap is in place and is being maintained; YCSWRA continues to provide residents with point-of-entry filtration devices; and institutional controls (IC) are in place to prevent potential exposures.

Site Responsibility
This site is being addressed through a combination of federal, state, and potentially responsible parties' actions.
NPL Listing History
This site was proposed to the National Priorities List of the most serious uncontrolled or abandoned hazardous waste sites, requiring long term remedial action on April 10, 1985. The site was formally added to the list July 22, 1987. The site was deleted from the list on February 12, 2005.

Threats and Contaminants

The groundwater is contaminated with various volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from past disposal practices. The potential health threats to area residents include drinking or coming in contact with contaminated ground water. Pumping and treating will be continued until the maximum contaminants levels are achieved and maintained throughout the entire plume of contamination.

Contaminant descriptions and risk factors are available from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, an arm of the CDC.

Cleanup Progress

In 1984, the state ordered the York County Solid Waste and Refuse Authority to continue groundwater monitoring, provide bottled water to affected residents, and develop plans for groundwater cleanup. The owner provided bottled water to 25 homes in the immediate vicinity of the site. In 1985, the State requested the installation of additional groundwater monitoring wells, the completion and operation of a groundwater extraction and treatment system (via air stripping), and lining the active portion of the landfill. The groundwater treatment system currently is active and its effectiveness is being evaluated. In 1986, York County purchased the Eppley Trailer Park, which contained 21 homes, and condemned it to eliminate future residential use. A remedial investigation was completed in late 1992. In December 1994, EPA issued a Record of Decision for the final remedy at the site. In September 2004, EPA issued an Explanation of Significant Differences that modified the 1994 Record of Decision by eliminating several of the actions the York County Solid Waste and Refuse Authority was already conducting under a 1984 agreement with the State. The remedy at the site consists of groundwater extraction and treatment, environmental monitoring to determine the effectiveness of the treatment system, and a provision for continuation of an alternate water source for affected off-site residential wells. Groundwater currently is being extracted and treated to control migration of the contaminants.

The remedy consists of groundwater extraction and treatment, environmental monitoring, and a provision for continuation of an alternate water source for affected off-site residential wells. The York County Solid Waste and Refuse Authority performs monitoring and response activities. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published in the Federal Register on December 14, 2004, a notice of intent to delete and a direct final notice of deletion of the site from the National Priorities List. Since the Agency did not receive adverse comments within two prescribed public comment periods of 30 days each, the direct final notice to delete took effect on February 12, 2005. The EPA and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania determined that all appropriate response actions, other than operation and maintenance and five year reviews, have been completed. The deletion notice does not preclude future actions under Superfund. In September 2008, the Responsible Parties completed construction of the Hopewell Area Recreation Complex at the site that includes playing fields, walking trails, a picnic pavilion, a wildlife habitat area, and playgrounds.

EPA completed the third Five Year Review of the Site in September 2012.  In the review, EPA found the remedy at the Site to be protective of human health and the environment.  There were no issues or recommendations identified in the report.  EPA continues to conduct periodic site visits, and review quarterly and annual progress reports.


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