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Layton Landfill

EPA Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic)

Fayette County

EPA ID# PAD981044845

20th Congressional District

Last Update: July 2001
No future updates

Other Names


Current Site Status

Work at the site was completed on December 9, 1999 when the disposal of all lead and polychlorinated biphenyl (“PCB”) contaminated soil was completed.

Site Description

The “Layton Landfill Site”consists of an abandoned brick manufacturing building and its outlying areas. The initial removal, which occurred between 26 November 1990 and 15 March 1991, included the removal of 829 tons of lead and PCB contaminated soil and six drums of waste flammable oil. At that time , a portion of the Site which included the manufacturing building, was fenced by the EPA’s contractor to prevent exposure to the contaminants inside the fence. This area was designed as “ Area 1". The Site is located in residential area along the Youghiogheney River. There is a pond is located adjacent to the Site, with homes located on the other site of the pond. The surface water from the Site runs into the adjacent pond and the Youghiogheny. River. Following a report by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection that trespassing was occurring at the Site, the OSC revisited the Area 1 and discovered that the fence around the remaining contaminants located inside the building had been removed or stolen. It was apparent that Area 1 had been used by trespassers, who left evidence of coolers, bottles and burn area in the collapsing building. There was also evidence of All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) tracks through the contaminated soil in Area 1.
Site Responsibility
This site is being addressed by an EPA Superfund Removal Action Restart.
NPL Listing History
This Site is not on the National Priorities List.

Threats and Contaminants

The contaminants present at the site consisted of lead contaminated and PCB contaminated soil that remained on the site from the previous 1990/1991 cleanup. Lead concentrations inside Area 1 were found as high as 20,000 ppm. PCB concentrations were in excess of 50 ppm. The presence of the combination of these uncontrolled and unrestricted materials posed a great risk of contamination to the adjacent community and to the Youghiogheny River from the trespassers who continuously invade the Site.

Cleanup Progress

Restart Cleanup at the Layton Landfill Site began on September 24, 1999 when the EPA’s Emergency Removal Contractor mobilized to the facility. Clean up actions commenced on December 9, 1999 when all of the above materials had been removed and shipped to licenced disposal facilities. EPA’s cleanup contractor loaded out five 15-yard roll-off of lead contaminated soil and one 15-yard roll off of PCB contaminated soil. In the process of removing the threat of contamination the manufacturing building was torn down because it was structurally unsound and posed a hazard to the workers removing the contamination.


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