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EPA Environmental News
June 29, 1999

EPA Announces Expanded Cleanup at the Washington Park Housing Development

In order to ensure the long-term health of the residents of Washington Park, EPA and Pneumo Abex are expanding the cleanup at Washington Park. By expanding the current cleanup, EPA will shortly complete all necessary cleanup at Washington Park.

The expanded cleanup will involve the areas of Washington Park that are not currently undergoing cleanup. The exact schedule for the cleanup will be determined once some additional sampling is completed in mid-July 1999. As the sampling results come in, EPA and Pneumo Abex will develop the detailed schedule for cleanup, as well as make plans for any temporary relocations that are necessary. EPA and Pneumo Abex will discuss individually with residents their needs for temporary relocation once we have a better idea for the scope of the expanded cleanup.

This expanded cleanup came about because Randy Sturgeon, the EPA Project Manager for the Abex Superfund Site, recently found historical data in the file that shows that the current cleanup would not meet the requirements of the 1994 Amended Record of Decision.

The EPA has arranged for the following actions to take place:

  1. Pneumo Abex has agreed to expand the cleanup and EPA will ensure that the soil in Washington Park is clean, meeting EPA safety standards.
  2. EPA will continue to coordinate with the Portsmouth Health Department to offer free blood lead screenings for children in the area to make sure they are not currently being impacted by lead.
  3. EPA and Pneumo Abex will sample the soil in early to mid-July to determine the extent of the extra cleanup. Once we know the amount of soil that needs to be removed, we will discuss with residents their temporary relocation needs.
  4. The soil excavation will be performed as it has to date with treatment being performed as necessary prior to disposal in local landfills.

For more information on the Abex Superfund site contact Randy Sturgeon at (215) 814- 3227 or Vance Evans at (215) 814-5526.

Customer Service Hotline: 1-800-438-2474

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