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Morrison Plant

EPA Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic)

Campbell County

EPA ID# VASFN0305388

6th Congressional District

Last Update: May 1999
No future updates

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Current Site Status

EPA's removal of all containerized site materials was completed with the final shipment of contaminants for proper disposal in December 1998. The results of a followup assessment of the extent of soil and water contamination are not yet available; and so EPA's plans for any additional work, if any, have not yet been determined.

Site Description

The Morrison Plant site, located at 319 Rutherford Street in the City of Lynchburg, consists of four buildings. The facility had manufactured signs under the name Allen-Morrison Company. In December of 1996, the plant unexpectedly closed due to bankruptcy and the employees were told not to return to work. The Site is bordered by residential areas, a lumberyard, a botanical nursery, and the railroad. A creek flows directly behind the Site. It is frequently trespassed and vandalized. By the time of EPA's assessment, numerous break-ins had occurred, and there was also evidence of persons seeking temporary shelter in the buildings.
Site Responsibility
This site has been addressed by an EPA Superfund Removal Action.
NPL Listing History
This Site is not on the National Priorities List.

Threats and Contaminants

Approximately 300 containers of paint and pigments and 500 containers of miscellaneous other materials were identified at the abandoned plant. Most contained flammable or combustible materials used in painting. Some corrosives and other hazards were identified, including PCBs and mercury. Most of these materials were stored in 55-gallon drums and 1- and 5- gallon pails.

Cleanup Progress

In February of 1998, the Virginia Department of Emergency Services asked EPA to assess the hazards posed by the site. EPA's assessment revealed the presence of many hazardous substances used in sign manufacturing, including corrosive and flammable materials. EPA began cleanup actions at the Site on October 19, 1998. All of the containers were moved and secured into one of the buildings on Site pending sampling of their contents and disposal arrangements. 24-hour security was provided to guard against exposure to trespassers. Small pails and 1-gallon containers were bulked together into 55-gallon drums. Materials in damaged containers were transferred. In early 1999, EPA performed a full assessment of the extent of contamination remaining at the Site to determine what if any additional actions are necessary.


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