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Vinton Drum

EPA Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic)

Bedford County

EPA ID# VASFN0305390

5th Congressional District

Last Update: October 2003
- EPA will provide future updates on an as needed basis.

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Current Site Status

EPA ordered Safety-Kleen Systems to carry out a removal cleanup at this site. The cleanup was carried out and the order has been closed out.

Site Description

The Vinton Drum Site is located on approximately four acres of land and consists of a former ravine or topographic depression that has been filled. Safety-Kleen reported to EPA that a former Safety-Kleen employee dumped between 28 and 32 16-gallon drums at the Site in approximately 1983 or 1984. Safety-Kleen alleges that these drums contained a “caustic cleaner” which was used to clean “high temperature shellac” from industrial equipment.

Site Responsibility
This site has been addressed by a Potentially Responsible Party under an EPA Superfund Removal Order.
NPL Listing History
This Site is not on the National Priorities List.

Threats and Contaminants

Prior to the Removal Action being taken, EPA believed that materials disposed of by Safety-Kleen at the Site were hazardous wastes having the characteristic of corrosivity. EPA believes that there is currently no threat to public health or the environment at the Site.

Cleanup Progress

Safety-Kleen performed a Removal Action at the Site in accordance with an EPA-approved Response Action Plan. This included excavating the area where the dumping was believed to have occurred. The excavation was done to a depth which was believed to have been the original surface terrain. One 16-gallon drum containing what Safety-Kleen believes is a solidified mixture of “caustic cleaner” was located at an approximate depth of 5 feet. The drum was placed in a larger drum, with the contents being analyzed by a laboratory. A soil sample from beneath the drum was also analyzed. No hazardous substances were found in either sample. The excavated area was regraded and reseeded. At the request of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Safety-Kleen stockpiled surface debris such as tree trunks and construction debris for proper disposal by the property owner.


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