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Buckingham Landfill Drum

EPA Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic)

Buckingham County
near Sprouse's Corner

EPA ID# VASFN0305528

5th Congressional District

Last Update: January 2008
- EPA will provide future updates on an as needed basis.

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Current Site Status

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency started an emergency cleanup in 1999 to stabilize leaking drums and contaminated soil identified on property associated with the Love Container National Priorities List (NPL) Site. The EPA has completed the review of the November 2000 extent of contamination survey and concluded that no further action at the Buckingham Landfill Drum Site is necessary.

Site Description

The Buckingham Landfill Drums Site is located on a portion of property associated with the Love Container NPL Site near Sprouse’s Corner, Buckingham County, Virginia. The Buckingham Drum Site was the location of abandoned, degraded and leaking drums of unknown waste materials and adjacent stained soil contaminated by release from the drums. The drums were located in an area not restricted to human access. The removal action included the stabilization of the leaking drums by over packing them into new drums and covering them in a secure containment area. The contaminated soil around the drums was placed into a leak-proof container.
Site Responsibility
This site is currently being addressed under a CERCLA Emergency Removal Response while EPA’s Remedial Project Manager negotiates with Potentially Responsible Parties for the long-term cleanup.
NPL Listing History
This is an Emergency Removal associated with wastes potentially from a NPL Site.

Threats and Contaminants

Threats at the site were posed by hazardous substances such as toluene, ethyl benzene, and butylbenzylphthalate released to the environment. The drums were degraded and open to the elements. Precipitation caused the contaminants to flow from the drums onto the adjacent soil. The area of the NPL site is habitat to an endangered species. These contaminants posed a direct contact threat to trespassers.

Cleanup Progress

EPA initiated an emergency removal action at the site in December 1999 which involved packing the leaking drums and placing the contaminated soil into secure containers. With that action the threat posed by the site was temporarily stabilized. EPA’s Remedial Project Manager coordinated with EPA's Removal Program for disposal of wastes at an off-Site facility thereby completeing the final action needed to address the Buckingham Landfill Drum Site.


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