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Sycamore Well

EPA Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic)

Pittsylvania County
near Danville

EPA ID# VASFN0305541

5th Congressional District

Last Update: March 2008

Other Names


Current Site Status

Removal Activities at the site were completed in September 2005.

Site Description

The Sycamore Well site is the location of soil and groundwater contamination by 1,2 dichloropropane, a hazardous substance. Allegedly, drums of soil fumigant were buried near a residence when the barn in which they were located was demolished. 1,2 dichloropropane is a soil fumigant. The substance entered the residential well through the groundwater at levels significantly higher than the EPA Removal Action Level.
Site Responsibility
This site is being addressed by an EPA Superfund Removal Action.
NPL Listing History
This Site is not on the National Priorities List.

Threats and Contaminants

The hazardous substance 1,2 dichloropropane is a probable human carcinogen. The level of this chemical in the residential well was two orders of magnitude higher than the safe drinking water level. The chemical poses a threat through ingestion and inhalation pathways.

Cleanup Progress

The On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) arranged for bottled water and then a dual whole house carbon filter unit to be immediately installed at the affected residence. A soil vapor extraction (SVE) system and air sparging system were then installed to remove the groundwater contamination. EPA then identified potentially responsible parties to continue groundwater treatment at the Site, maintain the carbon filtration system for the affected resident, and conduct sampling of all homes within a 0.25-mile vicinity of the Site. Following several quarters of sampling which have shown 1,2 dichloropropane levels to be below the MCL at the Site, EPA has deemed the response to be complete. The PRP has since properly abandoned all the treatment wells, and landscaped the property to return it to its pre-removal state.


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