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Glen Dale TCE

EPA Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic)

West Virginia
Marshall County

EPA ID# WVSFN0305381

1st Congressional District

Last Update: November 2004
No Future Updates

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Current Site Status

The Environmental Protection Agency ordered the potentially responsible parties at this site to identify hazardous substances and to characterize and remove all on-site containers and tanks and their contents, as well as all contaminated soil surrounding these tanks. These actions were completed, and EPA has closed out the site.

The potentially responsible parties who completed the work were the Wheeling Wholesale Grocery Company and Richard Maidens, individually and REMBAR, LLC.

Site Description

The site is located in Glen Dale, Marshall County, WV along Baltimore Avenue between Third and Tenth Streets. The site is bordered to the north, south and east by residential neighborhoods and to the west by a CSX railroad right-of-way, an operating air strip and the Ohio River. The Ohio River lies approximately 200 yards to the west of the site. The population of Glen Dale, WV is approximately 1,100 people (Glen Dale Water Department, 1999). According to the City’s water department, the municipal water system serves approximately 1,000 people in the area. The area surrounding the site is mixed industrial and residential in use.

The City of Glen Dale Water Department requested EPA’s assistance (September 1998) in determining and mitigating the source of TCE found in the municipal water supply. According to the water department, TCE has been found in the City’s sole municipal water supply well, located immediately south of the site, since at least 1992.

The City’s water department provided EPA with information concerning the use and surficial ground disposal of TCE at a former manufacturing facility located immediately north of the municipal water supply well. The water department also provided EPA with a historical blueprint of the former manufacturing facility. The blueprint indicates the presence of a 550 gallon underground storage tank (UST) containing TCE on the west side of the northern portion of the facility. The blueprint further indicated the location of a former solvent storage area on the facility.

Site Responsibility
This site is being addressed by a Potentially Responsible Party under an EPA Superfund Removal Order.
NPL Listing History
This Site is not on the National Priorities List.

Threats and Contaminants

TCE has been detected in the municipal water supply in concentrations up to 81 parts per billion (ppb) since 1992. Removal action levels for hazardous substances, including TCE, in raw groundwater are not currently available. However, the emergency removal guideline for TCE in tap water is 160 ppb (Hazard Evaluation Handbook, Oct. 97). A Superfund Removal Action Level of 300 ppb for TCE is listed in the Removal Numeric Action Levels for Contaminated Drinking Water Sites table of the Hazard Evaluation Handbook. The Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) established under the Safe Drinking Water Act for TCE is 5 ppb. The concentration of TCE in the raw groundwater near the suspected source of the TCE (3,500 ppb) exceeds both the emergency removal guideline (160 ppb) and removal action levels for TCE (300 ppb), as well as the MCL for TCE (5 ppb).

Contaminant descriptions and risk factors are available from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, an arm of the CDC.


Cleanup Progress

The Glen Dale Water Department is in the process of drilling a new water supply well and has installed an air stripper unit to remove TCE from its existing, contaminated water supply well prior to distribution to the public.
Prior to any PRP cleanup work a second Administrative Order was necessary at this site after EPA received information, based on a Motion to Sell/Offer to Purchase dated on or about October 13, 1999, that Richard Maidens and REMBAR LLC had acquired an ownership interest in the site. Based on this information, and the fact that Maidens/REMBAR were current operators at the site, EPA determined that Maidens/REMBAR was a PRP with respect to this site.


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