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Kanawha Motive Power

EPA Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic)

West Virginia
Fayette County

EPA ID# WVSFN0305389

2nd Congressional District

Last Update: March 2001
No future updates

Other Names


Current Site Status

The removal action for this site was completed January of 2000.

Site Description

The Kanawha Motive Power site consisted of an 8,000 square-foot building which included a warehouse/production area and a small office located on three lots comprising 0.79 acres of land. The site is situated between Morris Drive and Morris Creek approximately one mile south of the City of Montgomery. Residential homes are located along the southern border of the site while an industrial property and additional homes are located to the north. The site is located in a residential neighborhood setting. The use of the site was for the manufacture, repair, and reclamation of large industrial lead acid batteries. A small smelter also operated on site. The site was covered with lead acid battery parts, lead acid salts, lead contaminated soils and dust.
Site Responsibility
An EPA Superfund Removal Action is addressing the cleanup of this site.
NPL Listing History
This site is not on the National Priorities List.

Threats and Contaminants

Site access was unrestricted and doors to the building had been kicked in. Trespassing and vandalism was evident on the site and inside the building. Lead is the principal contaminant found on site. Lead was present in soil samples and subsurface soil samples and ranged from 404 mg/kg to 173,000 mg/kg.

The results of wipe samples inside the building indicate lead levels from 466 mg/wipe to 172,000 mg/wipe. The levels are of concern and may pose a threat to human health and the environment.

The Morris Creek water results ranged from 0.81 ug/L to 115 ug/L lead and the sediment results ranged from 37.8 mg/kg to 82,500 mg/kg lead. The water and sediment samples indicated the migration of lead contamination off site.

Cleanup Progress

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) conducted several inspections of the facility from 1994 to 1996 and issued numerous violations as a result. In 1994, WVDEP reported the violations of knowingly disposing of hazardous waste on site by observing “bits of lead pieces on the ground”. WVDEP performed an emergency removal action in July 1996 addressing the open containers of sulfuric acid, batteries, lead plates, acid sludges and individual battery cells. Attempts made to secure the building were not successful due to trespassing and vandalism. The WVDEP requested EPA assistance in further sampling assessment and additional cleanup of remaining lead waste.

The EPA removal action began in June of 1999. Removal actions consisted of demolishing the 8,000 square foot building. Soils on site were excavated down to a statical average of 400 mg/kg lead. Morris Creek was temporally diverted to remove lead contaminated sediments. The remaining soils were treated with a lime and calcium carbonate mixture to reduce the leach ability of residual lead. The site was backfilled and planted with grass, and the creek bank was covered with rip rap. Four underground oil storage tanks and a septic system were also removed. Approximately 2,400 tons of hazardous waste and 634 cubic yards of demolition debris were shipped off site for disposal.


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