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Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is an integral part of the hazardous site cleanup process. The Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study process determines what, if any, action should be taken at a Superfund site. Risk assessment is an important part of the Remedial Investigation, which characterizes the nature and extent of contamination. All Superfund site assessments should comprise two parts, a human health risk assessment and an ecological risk assessment. The Feasibility Study component develops and evaluates remedial options based on the site-related risks.

Ecological Risk Assessment

Ecological risk assessment is a qualitative and/or quantitative appraisal of the actual or potential effects of contaminants from a hazardous waste site on plants and animals other than people and domestic species. This website contains information on the implementation of the Superfund Ecological Risk Assessment processes in Region 3

Human Health Risk Assessment

Human health risk assessors use quantitative models to estimate risks from hazardous waste sites. This website contains guidance for the Superfund Human Health Risk Assessment processes. Points of contact, the Region 3 Risk-Based Concentration Tables, and regional guidance documents are included on the site.

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