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Human Health Risk Assessment

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Risk-Based Screening Table

Starting in Spring of 2008, Region III now relies for its RSL Table updates on the Regional Screening table developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory under an Interagency Agreement with EPA.


Downloadable Tables

Memo on Risk-Based Screening Table (PDF) (4 pp, 32.2K) This memo discusses the Regional Screening table and its use in EPA Region III.

Region 3 Fish Tissue Screening Levels November 2014
TR=1E-06 and THQ =1.0 TR=1E-06 and THQ =0.1
PDF (11 pp, 835 K) XLS (207 K) PDF (10 pp, 742 K) XLS (205 K)
These are very large files. We recommend that you review it online rather than printing it.

Region 3 Risk Assessment Guidance

Note on the Use of Dermal Guidance in Region III. In 2003, EPA Region III stated that it would temporarily continue to use median shower/bath exposure times as defaults, until RAGS E guidance became final. RAGS E has become final, and Region III is adopting the high-end shower/bath times as default recommendations. Region III staff can provide further assistance with site-specific recommendations for the full complement of shower/bath exposure parameters. (4/7/2005)

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