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For assistance/questions please use the rsl table contact us page

The What's New section keeps users informed of changes to: toxicity values, exposure parameters, chemical-specific parameters, equation formats and any other SL changes. Please check this site frequently to be advised of any recent changes.

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In the November 2012 Update, the third to the last bullet that identifies the updates to the recreator landuse scenario, the following additional information may be useful.

The calculator-based recreator landuse scenario shares the following identical default exposure parameters with the residential landuse scenario: body surface area, ingestion rates, body weight and soil adherence factors. Default recreational exposure parameters are not provided for exposure frequency, exposure time and events per day because recreational activities vary greatly and should be derived on a site-specific basis. Please see the User's Guide for the exposure equations and a conceptual model of quantified pathways.

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For assistance/questions please use the rsl table contact us page

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