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Specialist Listing

Emergency Response, Oil & Chemical Spills
24-hour Reporting: 1-800-424-8802

EPA People Locator: http://cfpub.epa.gov/locator/

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Specialist Topic Specialist Name E-mail Address Telephone Number
Ability to Pay Evaluations Ken Rose rose.kenneth@epa.gov 215-814-3147
Above Ground Oil Tanks Arlin Galarza-Hernandez galarza-hernandez.arlin@epa.gov 215-814-3223
Brownfields Kristeen Gaffney  gaffney.kristeen@epa.gov 215-814-2092   
Assessment Lead Contact Stepan Nevshehirlian nevshehirlian.stepan@epa.gov 215-814-3402
Brownfields Coordinator - Lead Tom Stolle stolle.tom@epa.gov 215-814-3129
Brownfields Data Management Coordinator Jennifer Hill hill.jennifere@epa.gov 215-814-5742
Maryland BF Coordinator / Job Training Lead Contact Jeff Barnett barnett.jeff@epa.gov 215-814-3246
Virginia BF Coordinator Felicia Fred


Pennsylvania BF Coordinator Stepan Nevshehirlian  nevshehirlian.stepan@epa.gov 215-814-3402
Cleanup Lead Contact Mickey Young young.mickey@epa.gov 215-814-3069
Delaware BF Coordinator Stephanie Branche-Carter branche.stephanie@epa.gov 215-814-5556
Assessment Lead Contact Stepan Nevshehirlian  nevshehirlian.stepan@epa.gov 215-814-3402
District of Columbia BF Coordinator Michael Taurino taurino.michael@epa.gov 215-814-3371
West Virginia BF Coordinator Joseph Nowak nowak.joseph@epa.gov 215-814-3303
Revolving Loan Fund Lead Contact Humberto Monsalvo monsalvo.humberto@epa.gov 215-814-2163
Targeted BFs Assessments Michael Taurino taurino.michael@epa.gov 215-814-3371
UST (Underground Storage Tanks) Enforcement Carol Amend amend.carol@epa.gov 215-814-5430
CERCLIS Information Management Coordinator Paul Van Reed vanreed.paul@epa.gov 215-814-3157
CERCLIS Data Quality/GPRA Coordinator Lois Lauria lauria.lois@epa.gov 215-814-3291
CERCLIS Budget Coordinator Jackie Williams williams.jacqueliner@epa.gov 215-814-3248   
CERCLA Financial Assurance Jim Williams williams.jim@epa.gov 215-814-3176
CERCLA Removal Enforcement Fran Burns burns.fran@epa.gov 215-814-3245
Chemical Emergency Preparedness Kevin Boyd boyd.kevin@epa.gov 215-814-3418
Chemical Safety Audits Kevin Daniel daniel.kevin@epa.gov 215-814-3247
Chemical Demilitarization/ Chemical Weapon Destruction Steve Hirsh hirsh.steven@epa.gov 215-814-3352 
Comfort Letters/BFPP Determinations Ken Rose rose.kenneth@epa.gov 215-814-3147
Community Involvement and Outreach Helen Duteau duteau.helen@epa.gov 215-814-5521
Community Involvement Coordinators General Hotline   800-553-2509
Larry Brown brown.larry@epa.gov 215-814-5527
Carrie Deitzel deitzel.carrie@epa.gov 215-814-5525
Vance Evans evans.vance@epa.gov 215-814-5526
Larry C. Johnson johnson.larry-c@epa.gov 215-814-3239
Alex Mandell mandell.alexander@epa.gov 215-814-5517
Trish Taylor taylor.trish@epa.gov 215-814-5539
Ruth Wuenschel wuenschel.ruth@epa.gov 215-814-5540
Contracts Management Bonnie Gross gross.bonnie@epa.gov 215-814-3229
Claudette Reed reed.claudette@epa.gov 215-814-2997
Equipment Maintenance Glen Lapsley lapsley.glen@epa.gov 215-814-3279
ERRS Jackie Williams williams.jacqueliner@epa.gov 215-814-3248   
START Karen Esposito esposito.karen@epa.gov 215-814-2336
RACs Mikal Shabazz shabazz.mikal@epa.gov 215-814-3281
Joseph Tralie tralie.joseph@epa.gov 215-814-3337
ESS Joseph Tralie tralie.joseph@epa.gov 215-814-3337
ROC Joseph Tralie tralie.joseph@epa.gov 215-814-3337
Interagency Agreements Zeradian Kelly-Abrams kelly-abrams.zeradian@epa.gov 215-814-3344
Intergovernmental Agreements Zeradian Kelly-Abrams kelly-Abrams.zeradian@epa.gov 215-814-3344
SF Cooperative Agreements Sondra Allen allen.sondra@epa.gov 215-814-3150
Wanda Johnson johnson.wandaf@epa.gov 215-814-3249
Cost Recovery Joanne Marinelli marinelli.joanne@epa.gov 215-814-3134
Carlyn Prisk prisk.carlyn@epa.gov 215-814-2625
Counter Terrorism / Weapons of Mass Destruction Planning and Response Kevin Boyd boyd.kevin@epa.gov 215-814-3418
Ecological Risk Assessments Bruce Pluta pluta.bruce@epa.gov 215-814-2380
Emergency Response & Oil Spills (Reporting) Cindy Santiago santiago.cindy@epa.gov 215-814-3282
Enforcement Karen Melvin melvin.karen@epa.gov 215-814-3275
Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Rita Tate tate.rita@epa.gov 215-814-3424  
FOIA Requests (Fax and Internet) Rita Tate tate.rita@epa.gov 215-814-3424  
Groundwater Kathy Davies davies.kathy@epa.gov 215-814-3315
Guidance Documents Paul Van Reed vanreed.paul@epa.gov 215-814-3157
Hazard Ranking System / NPL Listing Lorie Baker baker.lorie@epa.gov 215-814-3355
Human Health Risk Assessment Dawn Ioven ioven.dawn@epa.gov 215-814-3320
Land Revitalization Deb Goldblum goldblum.deborah@epa.gov 215-814-3432
Christopher Thomas thomas.christopher@epa.gov 215-814-5555
Oil Program (Regulatory/Enforcement) Joan Armstrong armstrong.joan@epa.gov 215-814-3155
Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans Arlin Galarza-Hernandez Galarza-Hernandez.Arlin@epa.gov 215-814-3223
Facility Response Plans (FRP) Arlin Galarza-Hernandez Galarza-Hernandez.Arlin@epa.gov 215-814-3223
Oil & Chemical Spills (24 Hour Access) 24-hour Report Line   800-424-8802
Oil & Hazardous Substances Area Planning Rich Fetzer fetzer.richard@epa.gov 215-341-6307
Oil Pollution Act (OPA) Joan Armstrong armstrong.joan@epa.gov 215-814-3155
ORD Superfund & Technology Liaison Bill Hagel hagel.bill@epa.gov 215-814-3053
PRP Searches Carlyn Prisk prisk.carlyn@epa.gov 215-814-2625
Superfund Records Manager Paul Van Reed  vanreed.paul@epa.gov 215-814-3157
Records of Decision (RODS) Anne Gold gold.anne@epa.gov 215-814-5362
Region III NPL Public Docket Anne Gold gold.anne@epa.gov 215-814-5362
Regional Public Liaison LaRonda Koffi koffi.laronda@epa.gov 215-814-5374
Remediation Linda Dietz dietz.linda@epa.gov 215-814-3195
Eastern Pennsylvania Peter Ludzia ludzia.peter@epa.gov 215-814-3224
Western Pennsylvania/Maryland Kristine Matzko  matzko.kristine@epa.gov 215-814-5719
General (DE, VA, WV) Bill Hagel hagel.bill@epa.gov 215-814-3053
Federal Facilities (NPL/BRAC) Paula Estornell estornell.paula@epa.gov 215-814-5632
Federal Facilities (non-NPL) Steve Hirsh hirsh.steven@epa.gov 215-814-3352 
Risk Based Concentration Table (RBC) Jennifer Hubbard hubbard.jennifer@epa.gov 215-814-3328
Risk Management Plans Mike Welsh welsh.mike@epa.gov 215-814-3285
SARA Title III, EPCRA Sections 302-312 Compliance Anne Gilley gilley.anne@epa.gov 215-814-3293
Perry Pandya pandya.perry@epa.gov 215-814-2167
Site Assessment Steve Hirsh hirsh.steven@epa.gov 215-814-3352 
Small Business Assistance Center Hotline David Byro byro.david@epa.gov 800-228-8711
Superfund Training Officer Kevin Boyd boyd.kevin@epa.gov 215-814-3418
Technical Assistance Grants (TAGs) Ruth Wuenschel wuenschel.ruth@epa.gov 215-814-5540

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