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Superfund Community Relations Program

The Superfund Community Relations Program promotes two-way communication between members of the public, including potentially responsible parties (PRP's), and the lead government agency in charge of response actions. The community relations activities provide for interested persons to comment on, and provide input to, decisions about response actions. These activities promote public participation in the decision-making process by ensuring that the local public is provided with accurate and timely information about response plans and progress, and that their concerns about planned actions are heard by the lead agency. A site-specific and well planned community relations effort is an integral part of every Superfund response.

The Superfund community relations program consists of activities conducted through the planning and implementation of Superfund responses to encourage communication between government staff and the local public as well as the planning, coordination, and administration of such activities. The overall objectives of Superfund community relations are to:

The program objectives guide the planning and implementation of community relations efforts in each Superfund response.

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