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Five Year Review: May 2001

1650 Arch Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103-2029

May 31, 2001

Subject: Sealand Limited Superfund Site, Mount Pleasant, DE
Five Year Review Status
From: Robert Sanchez, Remedial Project Manager 3HS23
To: Walter Graham, Program Manager 3HS20
Via: Peter Ludzia, Chief General Remedial Section 3HS23

I have reviewed the previous Sealand five year review completed on September 24, 1996 and the Record of Decision (ROD) issued in September 1991. The selected remedy in the ROD was "no action" and the site was subsequently deleted from the National Priorities List (NPL) on January 15, 1997.

Notwithstanding the "no action" ROD remedy EPA used its discretion and agreed with the State and concerned citizens that one five year review would be prudent to assure that contamination was not migrating in the groundwater.

The five year review conducted in 1996 and included a review of the ROD, the monitoring data collected by the potentially responsible parties (PRPs) and other appropriate documents. In addition, a site visit was also conducted by EPA. The review concluded that the remedy remains protective, and in addition to recommending deletion of the site from the NPL it determined that no further five year reviews were required for the Sealand Limited Superfund site. Attached is a copy of the five year review dated September 24, 1996 and the delisting notice signed January 15, 1997.

Therefore, no additional five year reviews are required for this delisted site.

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