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Strasburg Landfill


EPA Receives $10 Million for Clean-up Project

EPA just received $10 million from the Superfund trust fund to resume clean-up work at the Strasburg Landfill Site. The money will be used to implement EPA's clean-up plan for the site immediately.

In September 1995, Federal budget cuts delayed clean-up activities at the site. The $10 million just allocated to the site was obtained from Superfund, the trust fund established by Congress to pay for clean-up and enforcement activities at hazardous waste sites. A tax on petroleum and chemical industries finances Superfund.

The Clean-up Plan

EPA's clean-up plan will eliminate direct exposure to landfill wastes and soils and minimize the risk of future ground water contamination. The major components of the clean-up plan include:

The Next Steps

The timeline below presents the approximate schedule for completing the clean-up activities at the Strasburg Landfill Site. It is possible that this timeline will change as activities progress.

August 1996
EPA receives money to begin site clean-up activities.
Fall 1996
EPA solicits and ranks proposals to perform on-site work. EPA selects a contractor.
Winter 1996
The contractor regrades the landfill and prepares the site for construction.
Spring/Summer 1998
The contractor installs the cap, leachate collection system, and soil gas ventilation system.
Fall 1998
The contractor places a grass cover over the landfill cap and starts the leachate collection system.

Site Background

Strasburg Landfill is a 24-acre inactive facility located across Laurel Road one-half mile from the western and southern boundaries of the facility. Briar Run Creek is located 300 feet from the eastern boundary of the site and discharges into the Brandywine Creek to the south. The area surrounding the landfill is primarily residential and agricultural.

In February 1979, Strasburg Landfill Associates (SLA) opened the 24-acre landfill. In the spring of 1979, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) permitted the site to receive industrial and heavy metal wastes. By December 1979, more than 1,000 cubic yards of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) wastes, 2,052 cubic yards of industrial wastes and sludges, and 35,000 gallons of heavy metal sludges had been accepted at the landfill.

In May 1983, after a series of uncorrected violations, PADEP suspended the landfill's operating permit and ordered the landfill closed. As part of the landfill closure plan, the landfill was regraded, covered with a two-foot soil cap, and planted with grass seed. In addition, a system was installed to collect leachate in 5,000-gallon tanks and to remove the leachate for on-site treatment and disposal.

After the facility closed, PADEP conducted periodic monitoring of residential drinking water wells and on-site monitoring wells, sediment ponds, and Briar Run Creek. The results of the monitoring program showed two residential wells southwest of the landfill contaminated with volatile organic compounds, liquids that readily evaporate into the air.

In response to public health concerns, EPA began work in February 1989 to evaluate the nature and extent of the contamination and to develop a remedial strategy.

In March 1989, EPA placed the Strasburg Landfill on the National Priorities List (NPL), EPA's list of the nation's most serious hazardous wastes sites. EPA has completed the following projects as part of the clean-up of the site:

Additionally, EPA completed the design plans for recapping the landfill, installing a leachate collection and treatment system, and installing a gas venting system. Eighty-three percent of the soil needed to recap the landfill will be obtained from another part of the landfill tract. This method will reduce the impact of the cleanup on nearby Chester County roads and bridges. EPA plans to begin implementing these activities in the fall of 1996.

For More Information

If you have any questions or would like additional information about the Strasburg Landfill Site, you may contact the EPA officials listed below:

Larry Brown (3HW43)
Community Involvement Coordinator
U.S. EPA, Region III
1650 Arch St
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029
(800) 553-2509 or (215) 814-5527

James Harper (3HW23)
Remedial Project Manager
U.S. EPA, Region III
1650 Arch St
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029
(215) 814-3197

Or you may look for the Administrative Record File at the information repository located at:

U.S. EPA, Region III
Adminstrative Records Room
1650 Arch St
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029
Contact: Anna Butch

Bayard Taylor Memorial Library
P. O. Box 730
216 East State Street
Kennet Square, PA 19348
Contact: Joe Lordi

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