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Drake Chemical

Poster Contest

To celebrate Earth Day, the Drake Cleanup Team sponsored a poster contest for students in grades kindergarten through six. The contest was for students to learn more about the Drake Site while illustrating possible future uses for the site through pictures and a slogan.

The Drake Cleanup Team wishes to thank all the students who submitted posters. Congratulations to the winners!

Winner Best Slogan
Autumn Roxanne Glass
3rd grade, Robb Elementary

Winner Most Artistic
Amber Ramser
5th grade, Dickey Elementary

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EPA Responds to National Ombudsman's Report

After attending a series of meetings with the Lock Haven community and local leaders, Bob Martin, EPA's National Ombudsman, released his final report on the Drake Incinerator on April 18, 1998. Click here to review EPA's repsonse to the ombudsman's report (PDF) (12 pp, 54.5K, About PDF)

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