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Drake Chemical

EPA ID# PAD003058047

NPL Status: Final

180 Myrtle Street
Lock Haven, PA 17745
Clinton County


Remedial Project Manager
Roy Schrock

Community Involvement Coordinator
Trish Taylor

Governmental Liaison
Kinshasa Brown-Perry

Administrative Record Locations

Public files (Administrative Record) on EPA’s actions and decisions for this site can be examined at the following location:

U.S. EPA Region 3

Site Photos

View from top of pile (Delaware Ave. site) looking northwest.
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Beginning October 1, 2015, this website will undergo improvements. During this time, access to some information may not be immediately available. For assistance locating information, please contact the Community Involvement Coordinator listed below in the "Contacts" section of this page. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve your access to site information.

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Current Site Information

Administrative Record


Federal Register

  • 03/25/1999: Notice of Lodging of Consent Decree Pursuant to the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

Five-Year Review


Press Release

  • 10/15/1999: U.S. $20,000 Payment to Lawyers Closes Drake Lawsuit
  • 04/24/1999: Drake Soil Cleanup Complete; Plant Demobilization Begins
  • 04/16/1999: A momentary electrical power disruption
  • 03/18/1999: The Drake Cleanup Team stopped the feed of soil, shut off kiln burners and began cooling down the incinerator
  • 03/17/1999: A momentary disruption to the induced draft fan, during maintenance operations yesterday afternoon
  • 03/11/1999: A momentary electrical power interruption affecting the incinerator
  • 12/23/1998: Drake Team Announces Site Is 75% Cleaned
  • 12/04/1998: Drake Will Cool Down Incinerator for Planned Maintenance
  • 10/06/1998: Drake Pauses for Planned Maintenance
  • 09/30/1998: Drake Chemical Cleanup Reaches Halfway Point
  • 07/24/1998: Drake to Suspend Operations for a Week of Planned Maintenance
  • 06/29/1998: In recent days, two workers at the Drake Chemical Superfund project suffered heat related symptoms and were taken to the Lock Haven Hospital for treatment and release
  • 06/24/1998: Drake Team Perfoms Scheduled Maintenance
  • 06/10/1998: An area-wide momentary electrical power interruption to the Drake Chemical Superfund site, at 8:07 a.m. today, briefly stopped operations and resulted in an 86-second opening of the thermal relief vent (TRV)
  • 06/01/1998: A storm-caused electrical power interruption to the Drake Chemical Superfund site, at 8:42 p.m. yesterday
  • 05/24/1998: An electrical power interruption to the Drake Chemical Superfund Site...
  • 05/21/1998: The Drake Cleanup Team interrupted operations
  • 05/05/1998: EPA Says Ombudsman's Concerns Covered, Drake Incinerator to Restart This Week
  • 04/28/1998: Drake Cleanup Team Making Progress Toward Early May Restart
  • 04/24/1998: Drake Cleanup Team Recycles
  • 04/21/1998: EPA Responds to Ombudsman's Review On Incineration at the Drake Chemical Superfund Site
  • 04/11/1998: Drake Cleanup Team Cools Down Incinerator to Perform Repair
  • 04/06/1998: Drake Cleanup Team Returns to Full Production
  • 04/03/1998: Drake Cleanup Team Completes Kiln Repairs; To Begin Heat Up Saturday
  • 04/02/1998: Drake Cleanup Team to Connect Clean Property into Storm Drainage; Marks First Step as Reclaimed Property
  • 04/02/1998: Drake Team To Connect Clean Property Into Storm Drainage; Marks First Step As Reclaimed Property
  • 03/23/1998: Drake Cleanup Team Suspends Feed; Runs Monthly Calibration Checks
  • 03/20/1998: Drake Cleanup Team Situation Report for March 20
  • 03/12/1998: Cold Weather Causes TRV Opening
  • 03/12/1998: Drake Cleanup Team Resumes Treatment of Site Soils
  • 03/10/1998: On Monday, March 9, at 7:50 p.m., County Commissioner Rusty Bottorf and several members of A.I.R. arrived unannounced with a video recorder at the gates of the Drake Chemical Superfund Site to complain about alleged fugitive emissions.
  • 03/09/1998: Drake Cleanup Team Resumes Operations
  • 03/08/1998: Drake Cleanup Team Resumes Treatment of Clean Soil to Test Plant Modifications
  • 03/06/1998: Drake Cleanup Team Suspends Treatment to Review its Dust Concerns
  • 03/05/1998: Cleanup Team began the process of cleaning up more than 250,000 tons of contaminated soil
  • 03/02/1998: Drake Soil Cleanup to Begin
  • 02/20/1998: Drake Cleanup to Begin Soon
  • 02/13/1998: Incineration Project Delayed

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