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Drake Chemical

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EPA Environmental News
March 9, 1998

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LOCK HAVEN, PA; Monday, March 9 -- The Drake Cleanup Team announced today that it is resuming treating the contaminated soil at the Drake Chemical Superfund Site. The team's decision to resume operations comes after the successful testing of the incinerator using clean soil on Sunday, March 8. Sunday's testing judged the performance of modifications to the system of handling the treated soil.

The modifications corrected a problem which occurred where the treated soil exits the incinerator and is sprayed with a water mist to cool it down for handling. The high temperature of the treated soil converts the water into steam, and the Cleanup Team observed that the steam periodically carried some particles of treated soil into the air. The tests showed that the modifications were successful in minimizing airborne particles of treated soil.

The modifications included the addition of fog nozzles to the handling system for the treated soil. The fog nozzles add a mist of water to the treated soil that helps reduce airborne particles.

Drake Cleanup Team/Mar. 9, 1998/2-2-2-2

When hazardous soil feed was suspended on Thursday, March 5, sources not associated with the Drake Cleanup Team circulated erroneous claims that the dust was toxic fugitive emissions which traveled throughout the area. Contrary to those reports, the dust came from treated soil, and the results of the analytic testing of the treated soil show no evidence of chemicals that would create a risk to human health or the environment.

The Drake Cleanup Team consists of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection who provide regulatory oversight to assure that all work is done in full compliance with health and safety regulations, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who provide engineering and contract management and regulatory oversight, and OHM Remediation Services Corp. who operates the facility to clean up this former chemical plant property.

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