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Press Release

Drake Chemical

1650 Arch Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103-2029
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EPA Evironmental News
March 10, 1998

For immediate release

For further information, contact:
David Polish
(215) 814-3327

On Monday, March 9, at 7:50 p.m., County Commissioner Rusty Bottorf and several members of A.I.R. arrived unannounced with a video recorder at the gates of the Drake Chemical Superfund Site to complain about alleged fugitive emissions. At the time the site personnel requested that Commissioner Bottorf schedule an appointment to voice their issues with the project managers. The site personnel were following the policy of the site by asking for an appointment to speak to the project managers.

The Drake Cleanup Team has established an information office at the entrance to the site where anyone in the community can visit and receive information about the cleanup project. This office has established hours of operation that are posted in the project's monthly newsletters. For meetings with site personnel, the site policy is that visitors to the site schedule an appointment so the appropriate individual is available. The Drake Cleanup Team is committed to the safe operation of the project and, accordingly, the site personnel are focused on the daily operation of the incinerator. Therefore, the team will continue to request the courtesy of scheduling an appointment for meetings with site personnel. At all times there are multiple personnel on site from the contractor, the U.S.Army Corps Engineer (USACE) and Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) responsible for insuring the safe operation of the incinerator.

A.I.R. has filed a lawsuit in the Court of Common Pleas against the cleanup contractor, OHM Remediation Services Corp. Even with A.I.R.'s lawsuit, the cleanup team will continue to accommodate A.I.R.'s requests for information and meetings.

The site team has inspected for fugitive emissions from the time the incinerator was restarted on Monday, March 9. At no time since the restart did the team observe fugitive emissions from the incinerator.

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