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EPA Environmental News
December 23, 1998


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David Polish
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Drake Team Announces Site Is 75% Cleaned

LOCK HAVEN, Pa.; December 23, 1998 - The Drake Cleanup Team today announced that 212,000 tons of material has been effectively treated and backfilled at the Superfund site, bringing the project past the 75 percent completion mark. "This notable achievement," said the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) deputy regional administrator for Region 3, Thomas C. Voltaggio, "is the direct result of the unfailing efforts of 170 professional and skilled workers who have been working round the clock to make sure the health and safety of the Lock Haven community is protected." Cleanup operations began here on March 4, 1998, and are expected to be completed by early May 1999. Following completion, workers are expected to take approximately six months to decontaminate, dismantle and haul away the incinerator used for cleanup. Clean soil will then be regraded and shaped into a sloped mound and will be planted with vegetative cover. The Drake Cleanup Team is composed of the EPA, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and OHM Remediation Services Corp., working in a unique partnership arrangement to complete this environmental cleanup project efficiently and safely. Voltaggio went on to say, "Safety has been the watchword throughout the planning and operations phases of this project. We committed resources to an unprecedented series of evaluation tests, scientific risk assessments and further assessment validations before beginning operations. Additionally, we monitor air quality at the project site and within the local community, and we have been monitoring the project's agricultural impacts for more than two and a half years. We are extremely proud that at no time has public health or environmental quality been threatened. "Another area of continuous safety concern," he said, "is the high level attention paid to protecting workers at the site. OHM, our remediation contractor on the project, has gone more than 240 days without a lost time accident." The Drake cleanup involves excavating nearly 200,000 cubic yards of highly contaminated soil from this 10-acre, former chemical company property. Soil is prepared, treated in a two-stage incinerator, tested for cleanliness and backfilled onto the site.

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