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Malvern TCE

May 2000 Fact Sheet


Phase I - The main installation of the waterline construction is complete in Hillbrook Circle. This work was started on January 10, 2000 and took approximately seven weeks to complete.

Phase II - Connections from the main to the homes on Hillbrook Circle, Phoenixville Pike, and Conestoga Road are currently being coordinated. The Chemclene Site Defense Group (CSDG) has hired ERM C&O Services, Inc. to manage the construction of the connections. Once construction begins, it is estimated that the connections will take approximately eight weeks to complete. ERM C&O will facilitate the access agreements so that construction work can begin on individual properties. The CSDG expects ERM will have the access agreements sent to the residents during May. Connections will begin on Hillbrook Circle followed by Conestoga Road and Phoenixville Pike.

ERM C&O will hire an excavation subcontractor to perform the trench work. The trench work will be performed using a backhoe and begin starting at the house foundation and continue to the curb stop at a depth of forty-two inches (42") below grade. ERM C&O will utilize a certified plumber to make the connections from the individual residences to the curb stop. In addition, the plumber will remove carbon filters from the homes. ERM C&O will provide a restoration team to follow behind the excavation throughout the project.

For homeowners that are abandoning their wells, ERM C&O will mobilize a Pennsylvania certified well driller to each home for the abandonment of existing wells.

Future Work

The Consent Decree also requires the CSDG to design and conduct the cleanup at the Chemclene property. Accordingly, the CSDG has hired Golder Associates to serve as the Supervising Contractor in connection with the design services. The following cleanup actions are required in addition to the waterline installation:

Main Plant Area Soils
Installation of a cap to prevent direct contact with contaminated soils at the Main Plant and to reduce the potential migration of these contaminants to the groundwater.
Main Plant Area Groundwater Plume
Withdrawal and treatment of groundwater via air stripping followed by carbon adsorption or ultraviolet oxidation; subsequent injection of treated water back into the ground via wells.
Former Disposal Area/Mounded Area Soils
Excavation, off-site treatment and disposal of contaminated soils to reduce the migration of contaminants in these soils to groundwater.
Former Disposal Area/Mounded Area Groundwater
Implementation of a natural attenuation program to monitor reduction of contaminant concentrations in groundwater.

Golder Associates is currently developing a workplan which will include further investigation of the Site and a detailed schedule for performance of the Remedial Design.

You’re Invited to the Construction Kickoff Meeting

Monday, May 15, 2000
7:00 p.m. Great Valley High School,
Audion #70

Ongoing Activities

In addition to the above activities, Chemclene Corporation has conducted certain cleanup actions at the Main Plant Area of the Chemclene property. Some of the actions are part of the USEPA’s November 1997 Record of Decision and other activities result from the fire that struck the main building of the facility in August 1999. These actions include:

For More Information

Contact information for EPA representatives is listed below:

David Polish (3HS43)
Community Involvement Coordinator

Linda Dietz (3HS21)
Remedial Project Manager

U.S. EPA, Region III
1650 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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