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C & D Recycling

EPA Receives Remedial Action Design

Lucent Technologies (formerly AT&T) is finalizing the Remedial Design for cleaning up the C&D Recycling Superfund Site. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) received Lucent's draft Final Remedial Design on August 12, 1997. EPA, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) and Lucent are currently addressing outstanding issues, such as the sampling and health and safety plans, in order to finalize the Remedial Design.

The Remedial Design provides the technical plans and specifications for the site cleanup and includes:

Community input played an important role in the Remedial Design phase of the cleanup for this site. Written and verbal comments provided during the May 1997 public meeting were evaluated and incorporated into the draft Final Remedial Design. The health and safety plan was rewritten to reflect many of the comments provided to EPA. In addition, the site perimeter monitoring and action levels were revised and clarified.

EPA formally described the cleanup in its 1992 Record of Decision. A copy of this latest Remedial Design document is available for review at the Foster Township Municipal Building and the Freeland Branch of the Hazleton Library. Please see page 2 for more information about the Administrative Record File.

Since EPA, PADEP and Lucent are in the process of finalizing the outstanding issues, the draft Final Remedial Design has not been officially approved. However, EPA approved the Remedial Design drawings and specifications, which allowed Lucent to proceed with the bidding and awarding of the contract for the Remedial Action. The outstanding issues have no impact on the scope of work.

Remedial Action

With EPA approval, Lucent awarded the construction contract for the Remedial Action to Earth Tech, Inc. It is anticipated that the Remedial Action will begin in June 1998. That construction will be complete in early 1999.

Time Line of Site Events

February 1997
Lucent completed site preparation activities.
August 1997
EPA received the draft Final Design.
February 1998. . . .
Lucent awarded a contract to construct the Remedial Design.
April 1998
EPA anticipates approving the Final Remedial Design.
May 1998
Lucent's contractor will begin the Remedial Action construction.
February 1999
Lucent's contractor will complete the Remedial Action construction.

We Want to Hear from You

In the near future, EPA will be interviewing residents to gather information for the Community Relations Plan (CRP). The CRP provides details about Superfund, the community relations program and the site history. The CRP also describes community concerns related to the site and how EPA will address these concerns.

We invite you to participate! If you would like to talk with EPA about the site and help shape EPA's community involvement activities, please contact Lisa Brown, EPA Community Involvement Coordinator, at (800) 553-2509. Once it is completed, the updated CRP will be available for public review in the Information Repository.

For More Information

If you have any questions or would like additional information about C&D Recycling, please contact one of the EPA representatives listed below.

Lisa Brown (3HS43)
Community Involvement Coordinator

Joseph McDowell (3HS21)
Remedial Project Manager

U.S. EPA Region III
1650 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029

Information Repositories

The Administrative Record File is an official collection of reports, correspondence, and other documents that reflect EPA's process of selecting a cleanup plan for the site. You may review the C&D Recycling Administrative Record File at the following local information repositories:

Hazleton Library
Freeland Branch
515 East Front Street
Freeland, PA 18224
Contact: Mary Scalise

Foster Township Municipal Building
1000 Wyoming Street
P.O. Box 465
Freeland, PA 18224
Contact: Barbara Pavluck

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