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Metal Bank

August 1995

Impact of Proposed Budget Cuts on Clean-up Activity

The purpose of this fact sheet is to update concerned citizens about the impact of a bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on the Metal Bank Site. This bill will cut 34 percent of EPA's 1996 budget, which would drastically impact the scheduled clean-up work at the site.

Who is Affected?

The Metal Bank Site is located at 7301 Milnor Avenue, in Northeast Philadelphia next to the Delaware River. Citizens living or working near this area will be potentially affected by the proposed suspension of clean-up work at the site. People eating contaminated fish from the Delaware River are at risk. Also, an orphanage exists next to the site.

What Natural Resources are Affected?

On-site soils and ground water as well as the Delaware River are affected. Contaminants are present in the soil in varying levels throughout the site. Contaminants also have seeped through the soil layers into the underlying ground water. Addtionally, ground water and tides are flushing contamination from the site into the Delaware River.

What will Happen to the Site?

EPA will select a clean-up remedy for the Metal Bank Site early this fall. However, if the House bill takes effect as written, work to design the selected remedy cannot begin.

Planned work at the site that is now in jeopardy includes the following:

What Hazardous Wastes will Remain On-site?

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), a family of man-made chemicals that includes 209 different compounds, are the primary contaminants at the site. PCBs are known to cause adverse health effects, including cancer. PCBs are present at the site in the soil and the ground water. Additionally, site-related contamination is entering the Delaware River.

What if There's an Emergency Release at the Site?

If there is an uncontrolled release of hazardous wastes from the site due to fire, vandalism, flood, etc., local authorities will respond first, followed by state hazardous waste personnel. If these units request EPA assistance, regional managers will decide whether people and equipment are available to respond.

For More Information

Contact either of the following EPA representatives for more information about the Metal Bank Site.

Community Involvement Coordinator
Lisa Brown
(215) 814-5528

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